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Best Thanksgiving Recipes

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The most wonderful holiday of them all is just around the corner. I have been sharing new Thanksgiving recipes over the past few weeks, and today I am sharing my best Thanksgiving recipes. I have gathered appetizer, side dish, dessert, and turkey recipes for you all in one post so that you can finish planning your Thanksgiving menu.

To help you choose what to make, I have labeled the recipes as easy, moderate, or challenging/time-consuming.


Alouette, Prosciutto, and Asparagus Roll-Ups (easy) – So easy anyone can prepare it quickly. Another plus is that the recipe requires few ingredients.
Grilled Brie (easy) – Instead of wrapping brie with pastry dough and baking it, simply grill brie on a grill pan and top it with jam.
Cheesy Mushroom Spread (moderate) – This warm dip requires chopping mushrooms and cooking them, so it take a little more time that some of the other appetizers on this list, but it’s worth every minute of your time. This dip is addictive.
Cranberry, Goat Cheese, and Sweet Potato Bites (time-consuming) – If you are making Cranberry Salsa, you can use some of it to make this delicious appetizer which involves topping slices of cooked sweet potato with cranberry salsa and goat cheese.
Honey, Fig, and Brie Phyllo Cups (easy) – This can be assembled in just minutes, and it only bakes for 15 minutes.
Pears Wrapped with Prosciutto and Blue Cheese (easy) – It really doesn’t get any easier than this assembly only recipe.
Stuffed Mushrooms (easy) – A simple 3 ingredient recipe that can be quickly assembled and baked.


Honey Maple Turkey Breast (easy) – If you are hosting a smaller group for Thanksgiving, a turkey breast is easier to prepare and still feeds 6-8 people.
Step by Step Instructions for Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey (moderate) – Or if you want to cook the whole bird, here are detailed instructions.
Tea and Citrus Brined Turkey (challenging/time consuming) – And if you want to try brining, here is how.
Gravy (easy) – Don’t forget to make gravy with the pan drippings!

Side Dishes:

Blue Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin (moderate) – Very rich and creamy scalloped potatoes, a great alternative to, or addition to, classic mashed potatoes.
Creamy Thanksgiving Corn (moderate) – Creamy corn with a Southwestern twist.
Mashed Sweet Potatoes (moderate) – Light and fluffy sweet potatoes.
Dill Cottage Cheese Rolls (challenging and time-consuming) – These homemade dinner rolls are spectacular, and they are the best vehicle for making a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. They are worth the extra effort.
Roasted Garlic, Parmesan, and Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes (moderate) – The roasted garlic and brown butter make these potatoes extra rich.
Caramelized Butternut Squash with Fried Sage (moderate) – Buying already diced squash shaves off a good amount of preparation time.
Cranberry Salsa (easy) – A more modern take on cranberry sauce, this can be a dip or a side dish.
The Ultimate Mashed Potatoes (moderate) – The classic mashed potato recipe that my family has been using for decades.
Brown Butter and Maple Sweet Potatoes (moderate) – Cubed sweet potatoes are roasted with maple syrup, brown sugar, and butter.
Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad (moderate) – This Thanksgiving worthy salad has cranberry, nutmeg, apple, and cinnamon, plus a brown butter vinaigrette.


Pecan Pie with a Shortbread Crust - via The Kittchen (vertical)
Chocolate Walnut Pie (easy) – This pie is made by quickly mixing the ingredients for the pie filling and pouring them into a store-bought pie crust. It’s got lots of walnuts and a rich chocolate flavor.
Bourbon Butterscotch Pie (moderate) – A pudding-like butterscotch pie with a touch of bourbon.
Apple Tarts (easy) – A quick dessert recipe made using store-bought puff pastry dough.
French Style Apple Rhubarb Pie (moderate) – An apple rhubarb pie with a crumb topping.
Molten Chocolate Brownie S’mores Pie (moderate) – A super-moist chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust topped with toasted marshmallow.
Pecan Pie (moderate) – Pecan Pie with a shortbread crust, a Thanksgiving classic.
Chocolate Caramel Pie (moderate) – A sweet and salty pie with a homemade pretzel crust, a layer of caramel, and a chocolate fudge filling.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars (moderate) – Three layer bars with pumpkin and a low-fat cheesecake.
Apple Crumble (easy) – A classic dessert recipe that can be assembled in just minutes.


Thanksgiving Tablescape
White and Gold Thanksgiving Tablescape
Succulent and Air Plant Thanksgiving Tablescape
Easy and Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

What to Make with Leftovers:

Eggs Baked in Mashed Potatoes – A 15-minute brunch recipe that uses excess mashed potatoes.
Turkey Soup (challenging/time-consuming) – Making this soup is a family tradition. It’s time-consuming since you make stock from scratch and need to do a good amount of chopping, but it is incredibly delicious.

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