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Succulent and Air Plant Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Last year I created a glitter and gold themed tablescape. This year I went in a completely different direction. Instead of buying florals that would only last a few days, I used succulents and an air plant to create a centerpiece. These are plants that you can use to decorate your home for months after Thanksgiving, or you could give them to your dinner guests.

Here is a breakdown of how I created this tablescape. The table runner is actually matte black wrapping paper. I cut it to the length of the table, and then I used leaf stamps and silver ink to decorate the table runner. My friends were impressed to learn that I made it, but it really only took about 10 minutes of work. If you have kids, you could recruit them to stamp the leaves onto the paper. The benefit of using a paper table runner is that it protects your table from getting dirty, and you can throw it away after dinner.


I went to a local florist where I purchased two small succulents that we placed in square silver vases, with moss around the edges. I also bought one air plant. The cost of the air plant and succulents was similar to what you would pay for florals, but they will last several months with minimal care. I placed the air plant in the middle of the table, and the succulents on either side.


Last year’s placecards with rosemary were a little time consuming to create. This year I went with a simple placecard decorated with washi tape and twine tied in a bow. While placecards are not strictly necessary, I think that they are a nice touch, and they are a clever way to make sure I am not seated next to my brother who is notorious for stealing food off people’s plates.


Black wrapping paper, silver ink, stamps, and the materials for the placecards should be available at any craft store. I bought the wrapping paper, ink, and stamps at Paper Source, while the materials for the placecards came from a small shop in Old Town called Greer. Most florists should have succulents and air plants, and since these plants last for months, you can pick them up well before Thanksgiving.

I think that this easy tablescape is a nice festive touch for a Thanksgiving celebration. Plus, it is something you could prepare a couple of weeks before the holiday.

Mary Beth

Friday 6th of November 2015

Love those placecards!

Kelly in the City

Thursday 5th of November 2015

AH SO CUTE! I love this, Kit. Never thought to use black wrapping paper for something like this but I'm totally copying for the holidays!

Kelly | Kelly in the City

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