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Gifts for Travelers

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Gift Guide for Travel Lovers


I have been traveling a bunch lately! I ate barbecue in Kansas City, hunted for truffles in Italy, drank beer at Oktoberfest, visited Kohler, explored Napa and Sonoma with my Mom, and celebrated Thanksgiving in Maine. I found that there were some things I love so much that I bring them on every trip. In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I turned my favorite travel essentials into a list of gifts for travelers.

The thing I love about this list is that I own everything on it. The Rebecca Minkoff Bucket Bag is like a modern day Mary Poppins bag. It seems to fit far more than you would think, while being remarkably light. I love the sunglasses since the plastic frames are extra durable. This time of year you will never see me without a blanket scarf, which I used instead of a jacket while we were in Germany in October. I read each of the books on a different trip and they are perfect vacation reading – they are fun easy reads, and they have tidbits of genuinely great life advice. Charles bought me a Panama Hat when I suffered a bad hair day in San Juan, and now I bring it whenever we go somewhere warm. The camera (which I accidentally left at my parent’s house in Maine!) is great for someone who wants their first DSRL. It’s nice for traveling since it is smaller and lighter than other DSLRs. The journals and passport case are nice smaller gifts or stocking stuffers; while the luggage has lasted me 3 years already. I have covered a wide range of price points, so I hope there is something for everyone.

Happy shopping everyone!

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