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Four Weddings and a Funeral TV Series Filming Locations

After some very focused rewatching, I have gathered up a list of Four Weddings and a Funeral tv series filming locations. Use this guide to discover new places to visit in London. If you haven’t seen the show – there are spoilers ahead.

A list of Four Weddings and a Funeral tv series filming locations - use this guide to discover new places to visit in London.

I absolutely loved the series. I love romcoms, I love London, and I love Mindy Kaling. This show was made for me. The thing that really made me love it is that they filmed on location in London and managed to capture some of the city’s magic. It made the show feel so much more real.

Let’s dive in. This list of Four Weddings and a Funeral Filming Locations is organized by episode. I owe a big thank you to Patrick Rolfe, the production designer for the series who provided answers when I couldn’t find some filming locations.

what to do in chelsea and kensington 12

Episode 1:

The first episode introduces us to all the characters. We see their homes and offices, and there are lots of London locations that make appearances. Many of these locations appear again and again, but I’m only including each one on this list once.

Harrow School
In the series, this is the Peath School for Boys where Duffy lives and works. The red brick school was founded in 1572 and is located at 5 High St, Harrow HA1 3HP.

Heathrow Airport
Maya flies from New York to London and arrives at Heathrow Airport. If you are flying into Heathrow, chances are your London trip will begin there. Also at Heathrow, Kash who is having breakfast with his father Haroon who works at the airport.

what to do in notting hill 8

Notting Hill
Ainsley and Gemma sip coffee and walk down Westbourne Grove passing the Smythson located at 214 Westbourne Grove.

Ainsley Howard Designs
Ainsley’s an interior designer with a shop on Portobello Road. Its address is 99 Portobello Road. A shop called Katrina Phillips Ltd. which sells furniture and home goods is located here.

Ainsley and Gemma’s Homes
Ainsley and Gemma live across the street from each other on Elgin Crescent, near the intersection of Rosmead Road. It’s a beautiful street with colorful buildings. Ainsley’s address is 105 Elgin Crescent.

St. Luke’s & Christ Church
Ainsley and Kash’s wedding is at this church located on Sydney St in Chelsea. It took some digging to figure this one out, there are many St. Luke’s Churches in London.

What to do in the City of London The Monument

Episode 2:

The National Gallery
Julie has Craig meet her here to talk about Molly.

The Broadway, Southall
Kash and Basheer meet up on this street outside Bollywood Bazaar.

Chucs Cafe Serpentine
Maya thinks she is meeting Ted Spencer at this Italian restaurant in Hyde Park, but it turns out to be his wife.

Albert Bridge
Maya writes a letter to Ted and throws it off this bridge.

Episode 3:

Queen’s Club
Ainsley accidentally stands up Gemma for a doubles match at this private tennis club in West Kensington.

The rest of this episode repeats locations we have seen already.

Episode 4:

Unknown Pub
Ainsley, Maya, Craig, and Duffy meet up at a pub after Quentin died. There are so many cozy pubs in London with fireplaces that I couldn’t figure out where they filmed. It could have just been a set.

Treaty Centre
Fatima and Kash have their first date at this shopping mall.

St Mark’s Church in Englefield
This is where Quentin’s funeral was held. Pippa Middleton got married here.

Englefield House
Quentin’s family owns an estate where everyone gathers after the funeral service. Englefield House is an Elizabethan style country house constructed in 1558. The house’s gardens are open to the public all year. Pippa Middleton had her wedding reception here.

Episode 5:

The Honeypot
Maya and Duffy go on a date at this romantic restaurant with wood-paneled walls to discuss their hookup.

Dirty Martini
The gang goes clubbing to help Craig get his mind off of Zara. The sign outside was a cursive “m” but the address is definitely 10C Hanover Square, which is the address for Dirty Martini.

Episode 6:

The Rooftop at The Trafalgar St. James
Craig and Zara’s engagement party takes place at this rooftop lounge overlooking Trafalgar Square.

The Madison
Exterior scenes of the engagement party were filmed at The Trafalgar St. James, but the elevator scene was filmed at The Madison. Flora Cash’s song “And Ever” plays while Maya takes the elevator.

Albert Bridge
Maya writes a letter to Kash and throws it off this bridge.

Millennium Bridge
Maya and Duffy are strolling over this bridge when they decide to be just friends.

William Hunt
Craig visits this Savile Row tailor to buy a suit for his wedding.

Hatfield House
Craig and Zara’s elaborate wedding takes place at this country estate that was the favorite residence of Queen Elizabeth I.

what to do in camden london 2

Episode 7:

This is the London suburb where Kash and his family live. It’s also where the Hounslow Community Theater is on the show, but this theater doesn’t exist in real life.

Fortnum & Mason
Gemma unpacks a gift basket from this luxury retailer and uses it to fill Giles’s lunchbox. Hope he likes caviar and Capri Sun!

Ainsley, Tony, Maya, and Andrew all meet up at this gay club located at 30 Old Compton Street in Soho.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
The series used lots of stock footage of Big Ben during the course of the series. Big Ben is currently covered in scaffolding.

Kew Gardens
Ainsley and Bryce visit Kew Gardens to look for inspiration for Bryce’s garden, which Ainsley is designing.

what to do in soho london 24
what to do in soho london 24

Episode 8:

Ronnie Scotts
Maya and Kash almost go on a non-date at this jazz club, but change their mind as they walk up. I do hear great things about this place.

Hatfield House
Andrew and Tony attend a party at the lavish Hatfield House garden.

Mama’s Jerk
I think that this is where Tony breaks up with Andrew. The menu very clearly says Mama P’s Jerk, but I can’t find any information with a restaurant with that name. Mama’s Jerk is a Carribean restaurant with a few London locations.

Hilton London Syon Park
This is where Basheer and Fatima’s wedding takes place.

What to do in Camden London - the view from Primrose Hill

Episode 9:

Hyde Park
Zara takes Craig here to watch Molly play soccer.

Lyceum Theatre
Duffy chaperones Giles’s field trip to see Julius Caesar at this theatre.

Novello Theatre
Meanwhile, Maya and Kash are just down the street seeing Mamma Mia.

Episode 10:

Southall Market
Kash walks through this market in a scene inspired by the film Notting Hill. I loved this nod to an iconic London romantic comedy.

I am pretty sure that this is the restaurant where Kash has a disastrous first date.

Richmond Theatre
Kash is one of the stars of Henry IV that is being staged at this theater.

Brewers Lane
Ainsley and Kash chat as they walk down this small pedestrian street.

Church Where Ainsley and Bryce Don’t Get Married
It looks so much like St. George’s in Hanover, but it isn’t! I can’t figure it out.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, it is on Hulu (in the US)!

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Monday 28th of March 2022

Thank you for the the locations. I can add Highgate School, primarily in episodes 1 & 2. When Duffy opens the rejection letter from the publisher, which has a view of the sports field from the Dining Hall, an exterior shot of 'Big School' and when Duffy converses in French with Tabby.