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The Rundown v. 25


I slacked off on these posts while I was traveling and haven’t written one since September! I already told you all about Kansas City, Munich, Piedmont, Monaco, Nice, and Kohler – and posts on Napa and Sonoma are heading you way soon. But I haven’t told you about all the fun things I have been doing when I am at home in Chicago. Here we go – here are some highlights from the last couple of months!


I got to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Glen Hansard, perform at the Chicago Theater. You might know Glen from Once, a film he starred in, and he puts on an amazing live show. We saw him a couple of years ago, in the pouring rain, at Lollapalooza, and I am positively obsessed with his music.

I attended the Global Food Tourism Conference, where I learned all about the food tour industry. It got to meet people from all over the world who run food tours. The conference was organized by Shane from Food Planet Tours and I learned all about the food tourism business. I had no idea how much the food tourism has taken off in the past 10 years. Food has become a big reason why people travel, and a big part of what people want to experience on vacation. I have been on food tours in San Juan and Kansas City this year and they were highlights of the trips. Today lots of people are turning food tourism into careers. I got to meet lots of amazing people at the conference and I am glad that I got to attend.

The Kittchen at BlogherFood

I went to Blogher Food and got to spend some time with my food blogging friends. It was so fun seeing friends from far away, and meeting new people too. This photo was taken after a group of us went to dinner together at Formento’s.


Charles and I are on our way to becoming regulars at Bar Siena. It is so rare that Charles asks me if we can do brunch, but he wakes up on weekends asking me if we can go to brunch at Bar Siena. We both love the Avocado Toast.


I also love Bombobar, Bar Siena’s walk up window that sells bomoblini with your choice of filling. My favorite flavor is the salted caramel, but the vanilla custard is great too!

I rarely find the time to hit the gym these days, but the Windy City Blogger Collective hosted a class at The Bar Code in River North, and I loved it. The studio was welcoming, the teacher was lively, and I got a great workout in during the 45 minute class.


I met Anthony Bourdain at an event for Balvenie and the Rare Craft Collection. Balvenie produces single malt whisky made in Scotland and their Rare Craft Collection showcases 5 people who produce handmade crafts. During his talk, Bourdain said that he appreciates the pride people take in making things by hand and at striving to be the best at their craft.


I went to the opening of the new Contemporary Floor at Saks Fifth Avenue, followed by dinner at Sophie’s with a group of amazing bloggers. The mushroom and short rib risotto was incredible. It took some serious willpower to not buy everything in the store. The Halston dresses were especially stunning.


Erin and I went to a Blackhawks game. I had never been to a Blackhawks game before, but it was seriously cool! Thank you to the Scottsdale Tourism Board for hosting us!


Erin, Emily, Blair and I filmed a little something for the Whitney Reynolds Show.


It will air on PBS nationally in the Spring, and I will share more details once I have them.


Charles and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Kennebunkport, and wandered through my impossibly adorable hometown.


And we toured my parents new house! I had mixed emotions about my parents selling the home I grew up in – until I saw their gorgeous new home in Kennebunkport. Lucky for me, my oldest child status means that I got the best room in the new home. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


We saw my friends Yarn play at Beat Kitchen. They come to Chicago one a year and it is something that Charles and I look forward to. This time our friends Dave and Whitney came too!


More recently, I have been hibernating at home and eating lots of delivery. Caviar has become my go-to service for delivery since they deliver Velvet Taco. Charles says that the Bacon Burger taco is the best he has had in his life, while I love the buffalo chicken taco. If you use this link you will get $5 off your order from any of Caviar’s restaurants. They also deliver RPM Italian, Bub CityChicken & Farm Shop, Umami Burger, and Davnanti Enoteca. So basically I am never leaving home again. I feel that I should point out that has I write this I am waiting for an order of 8 Velvet Tacos to arrive.

Jess Zimlich

Friday 11th of December 2015

Girlfriend, you have been busy! I love reading through these recaps :) I've heard so many great things about Bar Siena and it's officially on my list for when I visit next!

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