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Chicken Shop at the Soho House Chicago

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SoHo House is a members-only club that recently opened a location in Chicago. While the upper floors of the club are private, the ground level has three restaurants that are open to the public. One of the restaurants that is open to the public is Chicken Shop, which its name suggests, specializes in rotisserie chicken.



Chicken Shop is a British import, which serves food far superior than anything I have tasted in London. Beyond the grand chandeliers of the SoHo House lobby, you will find Chicken Shop, a casual eatery with exposed brick and a menu of chicken, burgers, and side dishes.


Chicken Shop recently held a contest to create a new burger of their secret menu, and my friend Tek’s Gimme! Gimme! Burger won, and I was invited to a pre-launch party celebrating the menu addition. The Gimme! Gimme! Burger combines all the major food groups: beef, bacon, mushrooms, and mac and cheese. It is just as indulgent and delightful as you may imagine. The burger is on the menu for the rest of the year, so mark your calendar and set aside time to try it while you can. (That’s Tek’s wife, Shai of Drunk on Shoes holding up the burger).


I also got to sample several of the other menu items at Chicken Shop. The rotisserie chicken was excellent – it’s really juicy and completely covered in spices. Diners have the option of ordering a half chicken or a whole chicken. I would recommend ordering the whole chicken – it’s addictive and it comes out almost immediately after you order.


We tried a bunch of side dishes too. The fries are thick crinkle cut; the kind that are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.


The butter lettuce salad was simply dressed with a mustardy dressing, and it added a much needed vegetable to the table. The macaroni and cheese is very traditional. It reminded me of school cafeteria mac and cheese and I mean that in the best way possible.

Chicken Shop is a fun place for a quick and casual meal. The burger is definitely worth checking out. I have been on a burger kick lately. I just tried Umami Burger, and next week I will be sharing a post about Au Cheval. I plan to do some more healthy eating after the holidays.

Chicken Shop is located at 113 – 125 North Green Street, in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. They do accept reservations.


Thursday 25th of December 2014

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