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The Painting Shop is Open

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My painting shop is now open.

Sometimes life takes you down some paths you don’t expect. I always thought that I would work in the arts. Becoming a professional blogger was a happy accident. A hobby that morphed into a career. Being an artist was an obsession from my youth that gave way to real-life adult concerns like paying rent and having health insurance.

Creating art started slipping out of my life in college. I went to art school but after a year of completing all the “foundations” courses like color theory, life drawing, and sculpture, I thought it would be more practical to major in Art History and pursue a career in selling art. Graduating just as a recession hit wasn’t great timing, and my plans were thrown out the window. Luckily, this website grew to a point where I could work for myself and pursue my passions.

Things came full circle when we moved in 2021. I found old boxes of paints, brushes, and canvases. Some of the paints still had price tags from the Art Mart, a Portland, Maine art shop that I frequented in high school. I realized that I had the time and space to make art again.

Orange Sky

I started small, painting 8 x 8s for family and friends. Often, I’d paint photos that I liked from their Instagram accounts. Then, I bought more paints and larger canvases, and before I knew it, I had 30 paintings in my office studio.

Rachel Carson Marshes

Now, I have created a website to sell my paintings. I am excited to share it with you. This isn’t really something that I had planned on doing, it just kinda happened. I really love the peace, calm, and quiet of working in my studio after Gwen is asleep.

My favorite subject matters are seascapes, landscapes, and sunsets. I work from photos, many of which I took in Maine over the summer. Sometimes I paint from photos that I took while traveling.

Slieve League, Ireland

You can follow this link to explore the painting shop. Medium and Large Paintings are framed, wired, and ready to be hung. There are also smaller paintings available at a more affordable price that would look great on a shelf. Shipping within the contiguous United States is included in the prices.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm over this!

The photos of me in this post are by the lovely Katie Niemiec.

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