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My Home Office/Studio

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While my home office is definitely not completely decorated, I thought that I would give you a sneak peek.

Before we moved into our Wicker Park townhouse, we lived in a two-bedroom condo. I used the extra bedroom as my office… and then when Covid hit, Charles started working there too. Luckily the office had two desks, but when we moved into a larger home we were excited to have our own workspaces.

When we moved, we decorated Gwen’s nursery first, then our bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen, and the dining room. My office became the dumping ground for random things that didn’t have a place elsewhere.

Organizing my office wasn’t a priority, until December when Charles’s family came to visit. I needed to clean up my office so our niece could stay there.

Charles and I have four nieces, who will hopefully be coming to visit often, so we added a daybed to the room.

I wanted the daybed to look more like a couch when we don’t have houseguests, so instead of buying a twin-sized mattress, I bought a set of French-style velvet tufted daybed cushions. The back cushion helps to make it feel more like a couch. I found a shop on Etsy that sells custom cushions in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. I definitely recommend them.

I didn’t expect to start using my office as an art studio, but here we are. I regret carpeting the room. So far, a splash mat has kept me from ruining the light grey carpet.

The light fixture is from Soho Home and I love it! It gives off a lot of light, which is perfect for when I decide to paint at night.

I love having a dedicated space for me to work and paint. I got lucky because this room has some of the best light in the house. It’s right next to Gwen’s nursery which is perfect so that I can easily hear when she wakes up from her naps – since I do most of my work during nap time. The other reason that this room is my office, is that it is the smallest room in the house and it doesn’t have a closet.

I still need to arrange more art on the walls. I recently put up a couple of paintings, but I plan to frame some paintings and to arrange them with more intention.

We have been in this house for almost a year and it really feels like home. Most rooms are nearly complete. I will keep updating you – I am hoping to make some little changes to the living room next.

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