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The Allis at the SoHo House Chicago

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 The Allis

The Allis is hands down one of the coolest spaces in Chicago. The rustic mets refined decor includes massive chandeliers, plush velvet chairs, wooden tables, a long marble bar, exposed brick, and oversized windows that let the light pour in.


The menu at The Allis is short and simple, but in the best possible way. It includes several items from the bakery, and a variety of egg dishes. This isn’t the place for Eggs Benedict and French Toast, but that is ok.


The Allis (pronounced like “Alice”) is one of the three restaurants on the first floor of the SoHo House that are open to the public. Each restaurant has a completely different look, feel, and menu. Chicken Shop is a casual eatery with a vintage vibe that focuses on rotisserie chicken, burgers, and sides, while Pizza East, on the other side of the building has serves up pizzas and pastas. The Allis sit between Chicken Shop and Pizza East, and is the most formal of the trio.

The Allis Chicago

I very recently discovered the breakfast at The Allis and it has secured its spot as my go to for Sunday brunch. On my visit visit to The Allis I ordered Soft Eggs with Soldiers. Charles was impressed by how British I was by choosing it. I paired it will English Breakfast Tea – which I always drink all day long. The eggs could have been a bit runnier, but it was a wonderful lighter breakfast.


When I returned to The Allis a few days later, I ordered one of the breakfast sandwiches. “The Mean” is an egg sandwich with crispy bacon, taleggio, cheddar, avocado, greens, and a spicy aioli. It is served on a soft roll, and I happily devoured every bite. Charles ordered The Allis Breakfast, which is a more European style breakfast with toast, hard boiled egg, tomato, avocado, and smoked salmon. He loved it.


Everything at The Allis is made in house – the only exceptions are the bagels and the honey. The marmalades, breads, pastries, etc. are all made in house. They even juice their own fruit juice. While they focus on simple classics, they are prepared with exacting attention to detail, and it shows.

The Allis also serves lunch, afternoon tea, and small plates and cocktails in the evenings. I am dying to try the afternoon tea – I have heard great things. The Allis is located at 113 North Green Street, in Chicago’s West Loop. They do accept reservations for tea, but not for breakfast.


Thursday 19th of February 2015

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