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Where to Buy Products Stocked at Foxtrot and Dom’s

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Foxtrot and Dom’s suddenly closed all of their stores on Tuesday. This news is sad and frustrating on many levels. Employees were only given a few hours notice that they would be losing their jobs. The stores were known for stocking their shelves with products from diverse and small businesses, many of which have now lost their largest client. Even worse, some of these small businesses are now saying that Foxtrot hasn’t paid their invoices in quite some time.

In an effort to support the businesses negatively impacted by Foxtrot and Dom’s shuttering, I have assembled a list of products and how to buy them. Please email if you have any additions to the list.

Outstanding questions: People would love to know where to buy the gummy candies and the Foxtrot-branded potato chips. Share the information if you can.

To the businesses impacted by the Foxtrot and Dom’s closure, HereHere Market in Chicago is stepping in to fill the void. They are offering a fee-free first month to food creators who join their platform. Find out more here.

Where to Buy Products Stocked at Foxtrot and Dom’s

Savory Snacks

Carolyn’s Krisps

These cheezy cookie-crackers look like a cookie but have the crunch of a cracker. They come in flavors like Maple Pecan, Cinna Sugar, and Cheddar Cheeze. Online shopping is available. You can find Carolyn’s Krisps at a variety of stores including HereHere Market, Fresh Thyme, and Dollop Coffee. See a full list here.


Nemi makes Mexican-inspired snack sticks made from cactus. Flavors include churro, Mexican lime, chile turmeric, and smoky chipotle. Fans say that it’s the snack to have when you crave a guilt-free chip. You can find Nemi products at Thom’s Market and Central Market in Texas plus a wide variety of shops – see their store locator for more. Shop online here.

every body eat

These vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, allergin-friendly crackers are irresistible, and a staple in my home. My favorites are the Cheese-less (similar to a Cheez-It without the guilt) and the Sea Salt Chia. You can buy these crackers online and at Olivia’s Market, South Loop Market, and some Whole Foods, Mariano’s, and Jewel locations.

Cult Crackers

Described as little squares of crunchy goodness, Cult Crackers come in flavors including classic seed and crunchy cassava. You can find their products at Chicago-area Foodstuffs. You can find a full list of retailers here, and you can shop online.

Geem Seaweed Snacks

Geem makes sweet, salty, and spicy seaweed chips. You can order online.

Yolélé Chips

These chips are made of ancient West African grain called fonio and come in flavors including chili, onion + lime, and tangy baobab, moringa + onion. The company also makes fonio pilaf mixes. Products are available on Amazon and the brand website.

Pink Salt Kitchens

Pink Salt Kitchens mades Thai Roasted Chili Jam (a vegan option is available too). You can shop online at Here Here Market.

Señor Mango Mucho Gusto

Señor Mango uses high-quality Kent mangoes to produce dried mango chips. Flavors include chips half-dipped in dark chocolate and matcha with white chocolate. Find these products at Fresh Thyme and on Amazon.

Amäzi Foods

Amäzi Foods makes seasoned dried fruits like chili lime dried jackfruit, salted olive oil plantain chips, and moringa hibiscus dried pineapple. Their products are available at Thrive Market and Wegmans. Online shopping is available.

Balkan Bites

Balkan Bites makes frozen bake-at-home burek pies and mini phyllo rolls in flavors including spinach and cheese, beef and onion, and cheese medley. You can find their products at Chicago-area Pete’s Fresh Market and Olivia’s Market. You can find their store locator here and you can shop online here.

Sweet Snacks

Diana’s Bananas

My 3-year-old goes crazy for these chocolate-covered bananas with peanut butter. Diana’s Bananas are available at Tonys Finer Foods, Fresh Thyme, and some Jewel-Oscos in the Chicago area. Check their store locator here.

Lexington Bakes

Lexington Bakes mades luxury cookies, brownies, and blondies such as hazelnut gianduja brownies, birthday confetti blondies, and raspberry velvet brownies. Online shopping is available. And see their store locator.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

This Chicago company specializes in frozen ice cream treats like ice cream bars, vegan pops, ice pops, and ice cream sandwiches. They have two Chicago locations: 2353 North California Avenue in Logan Square and 709 West Belden Avenue in Lincoln Park. Local delivery is available.

Zarlengo’s Italian Ice

Visit Zarlengo’s retail location at 257 W Joe Orr Road in Chicago Heights to try their Italian ice, gelato, novelties, and shakes.

BTR Nation

This woman-owned business is on a mission to fix our broken food system by creating plant-based, gluten-free superfood snacks including protein bars and truffle cups. You can find BTR Nation products at CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, Goddess & Grocer, Atkins, Raleys, and more. You can also shop online.


Gluten-free plant-based vegan mini donuts with flavors including snickerdoodle and matcha. Online ordering is available. Plus, glonuts are available at West Side Market in NYC, Central Market in Texas, select Whole Foods, and Erewhon. For more information, check out their store locator.

These cookie are gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. Flavors include triple chocolate chip, birthday cake sprinkle crunch, and oatmeal blueberry. You can find You’re a Cookie products at FoodSmart, Sunset Foods, Totto’s Market, Go Grocer, Bodega Bay, and more (store locator here).

These cookies are available in flavors including Party Harder (with sprinkles, rice crispy, nutella, and M&Ms), peanut butter chocolate chip with puppy chow, and a 50/50 mix of classic chocolate chip and quadruple chocolate. You can find Big Fat Cookie at Epic Burger, Goddess & Grocer, West Loop Markets, South Loop Markets, and more. Online shopping is also available.

This woman-owned, Wrigleyville-based company makes gourmet cookies in flavors including white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal with walnuts and chocolate chips, and double chocolate. Cloud Cookies offers curbside pick-up, delivery, and shipping. Their shop is at 3809 North Clark Street.

Sweet Shot Cookies

Sweet Shot Cookies makes gourmet cookies and brownies including butter sprinkle funfetti cookies, chocolate chip ganache cookies, and fudge brownies. You can find these cookies at Goddess & Grocer, Olivia’s Market, and Chicago-area Mariano’s, Jewel-Osco, and Target.

Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

These big fat ice cream sandwiches come in flavors, including strawberry shortcake, cookie monster, and key lime pie. You can find Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches at The Fresh Market, Costco, and Central Market. See the store locator here. Online shopping is also available.

Hot Take Dough

Hot Take Dough is a company run by sisters that makes frozen take-and-bake cookie dough. They just launched in Foxtrot stores and flew to Chicago, only for stores to close the very next day. You can buy their products online.

Sweet Thing Bake Shop

Sweet Thing Bake Shop makes cookies, brownies, bars, whoopie pies, and more. Products are available at Sunset Foods, The Bagel Restaurant, New York Bagel and Bialy, Ravinia Festival, McCormick Place, and online.

Life Raft Treats

This company made Not Fried Chicken, an ice cream treat that looks like fried chicken, which was stocked at Foxtrot stores. It can also be found at Goddess & Grocer and Urban Market. Use the store locator here. Nationwide shipping is available.

Broune Deserts

Broune Desserts ships their brownies, blondies, and cookies nationwide, in addition to offering local delivery and pick-up in Lakeview, River West, Avondale, and Ravenswood. The indulgent brownies come in flavors including Biscoff cookie butter white chocolate blondies, and, chocolate brownies with pretzels, pecans, salted caramel, and sea salt.

Tubby’s Taste

This company makes Jamaican-inspired vegan cookies in flavors including mango coconut lime, ginger sweet molasses, and coconut oatmeal cinnamon. You can shop online or in Chicago stores, including Ándale Market, HereHere Market, Green Grocer, and Lincoln Cafe & Market.

Legally Addictive Foods

Described as part cracker but all cookie, you can buy these cookies online and at 1500 retailers across the country. Flavors include Mexican hot chocolate, masala chai, and surprise party.

Eat Deux

Eat Deux makes donuts, cookie dough, and dessert spreads. They are in 1,200 stores nationwide, see the list here. Online shopping is available.

Prepared Foods and Grocery Items


Tortello is a fast-casual restaurant and pasta shop located at 1746 West Division Street in Wicker Park whose fresh pasta was sold at both Dom’s and Foxtrot. Tortello offers custom pasta orders when you order in advance. They recently started serving incredible Italian pastries on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Online ordering and local delivery are available.

Gemma Foods

Gemma Foods sells fresh handmade pasta, sauces, and meal kits. Gemma Foods just started to offer lunch in their restaurant Wednesday – Saturday. Online ordering and nationwide shipping are available. Their products are also sold at Publican Quality Meats.

Bang Bang Pie

This Chicago pie shop sold both sweet and savory pies in Foxtrot. I love their Chicken Pot Pie. Bang Bang Pie has a restaurant located at 2051 North California in Logan Square. Pick-up and local delivery are available.


Honeydoe sold prepared Mediterranean meals at Dom’s. Catering is available in the city and suburbs. They also offer a meal delivery program.

La Boulangerie

This traditional French bakery sold bread and pastries at Foxtrot’s Chicago locations. The three locations can be found at 1945 West Wilson Avenue in Ravenswood, 3129 West Logan Boulevard in Logan Square, and 936 North California Avenue in Humboldt Park. Online ordering and local delivery are available.

Onigiri Kororin Riceballs

These triangular Japanese rice balls have fillings like grilled yuzu salmon, black garlic and miso tofu, pork belly, and chilee crisp shrimp. Local delivery is available via Uber Eats. You can also find products at Joong Boo Market, Beatrix Market, Fresh Thyme, Olivia’s Market, Cermak Produce, and Goddess & Grocer. See the store locator here.

Downstate Donuts

This Chicago bakery makes potato doughnuts and their Sweet Potato Maple Tots (basically a doughnut hole) and Vanilla Sour Cream Tots were Foxtrot staples. Their shop is located at 1132 West Wilson Avenue. Pick up and local delivery are available.

Aunt Ethel’s Pot Pies

This Brooklyn-based company makes roasted chicken, coq a vin, and lentil chili pot pies. Its products are available online and at various NYC-area retailers.

White Oak Prepared Foods

White Oak Prepared Foods sells grab-and-go bowls such as falafel, carne asada, pad Thai, Korean BBQ, Tuscan, and Mediterranean vegetable. Their meals are at Olivia’s Market, Fresh Market Place, Sunset Foods, Choices in Rockford, All Ways Healthy in Lake Zurich, Grand Food Center, Kramer Foods, and FoodSmart Ubran Market.

Gifted Breads

These artisan gluten-free breads have a cult following for being the best celiac-friendly breads. Products are available at many Chicago-area stores (see the store locator) and Mariano’s.

Feed Your Head

Feed Your Head is a Chicago company that makes vegan cheeses and faux meats, such as cherry sage sausage, vegan ham, Italian sausage, smoked cheddar cashew cheese, chili non carne, and spinach artichoke cashew cheese. You can shop online or at Olivia’s Market, Whole Foods, and more.

Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic

This condiment has two spice levels: mild and OG heat. It’s sold at a few markets in the Chicago area and online.

Eno Wine Salts

These small-batch wine salts come in flavors including Châteauneuf-du-Pape Wine Infused Salt and Red Bordeaux Wine Salt. You can shop online here.

Heaven’s Honey

A local company that sells pure, unpasteurized honey, including honeycombs, hot honey, lemon honey, and pure maple syrup. You can shop their products at Mariano’s, Sugar Beet Co-Op, Jewel Osco, Meijer’s, Amazon, and their website.


Noodie makes irresistible high-protein instant ramen. Flavors include peanut chili, tonkotsu, and smoky garlic. Online shopping is available.

Three Wishes

This cereal is packed with protein and not sugar. Flavors include fruity, vanilla frosted, and cocoa. You can find it at Mariano’s, Frest Thyme, and Olivia’s Market. Check the store locator here.

Four Star Mushrooms

Four Star Mushroom’s fresh fungi can be found in the kitchens of top restaurants and retailers, including Fresh Thyme, Fresh Market Place, Totto’s Market, Mariano’s, and Jewel-Osco.

One Trick Pony Nuts

Just two ingredients are used to make this brand’s peanut butter: Argentinian peanuts and Patagonian sea salt. You can buy their products online. And if you really go through a lot of peanut butter, buy the 9-pound tub.


Kyoto Black Coffee

This Japanese-style cold brew is made one drop at a time for a smoother flavor. Their shop is located at 1445 West Devon Avenue, and you can buy 1.5L concentrated pouches online.

Couplet Coffee

Couplet Coffee is a queer woman-owned business selling coffee beans. The owner, Gefen, promises delicious coffee without all the pretension. Available at World Market, Harmons Grocery, on Amazon, and in their online shop.

Joy Milk Tea

These cans of real brewed tea combined with creamy milk are available in both dairy and dairy-free options. You can find their products at some Chicago-area Whole Foods and you can shop online.

Freeman House Chai

This Chicago-based artisanal chai sells microbrewed chai concentrate and bottled chai lattes. You can find their products at a wide variety of Chicago retailers and restaurants including Goddess & Grocery, Olivia’s Market, and Fresh Thyme – see the full list here.


Recess makes sparkling water infused with magnesium and adaptogens to help you unwind with flavors including strawberry rose, raspberry lemon, and lime citrus. They produce mocktails, too. Use their store locator here or buy on Amazon.

Pop & Bottle

This company makes bottled oat milk lattes and tea lattes. Their products are available on their website, on Amazon, and a stores including Whole Foods, Target, and Aldi (see a full list here).


Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif that tastes like summer.  It is available at Target and a wide range of shops (see the full list here). You can also shop online.


This Yuzu juice is loved by bartenders, baristas, and chefs. It is stocked in some stores in California, and it is sold online.

Ruby Hibiscus Water

This organic sparkling hibiscus water has electrolytes and antioxidants ⁣⁣and it is sold at Goddess & Grocer, Fresh Thyme, and on Amazon. See a full list of stores here.

Kola Goodies

Kola Goodies makes addictive self-care lattes, such as masala chai lattes and Ski Lankan milk tea. You can buy their products online.


This full-flavored sparkling beverage for curious tastebuds has flavors such as tart pink grapefruit with a cheeky bite of ginger with earthy juniper and crunchy cucumber with sun-soaked pineapple and a subtle smooch of lavender. Foxtrot was their retailer in the Chicago area, but it is sold online.


Bawi sparkling agua fresca is flavored with real fruit and comes in lime, passionfruit, and pineapple flavors. Online shopping is available.


Rebbl makes organic coconut milk lattes boosted with 10g protein and 200mg Lion’s Mane extract to support cognitive function. You can shop online.


Enjoy MMMM Wines

This woman-owned company produces low-sugar wines in Italy.

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