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Taylor Swift Music Video Bingo

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Taylor Swift Music Video Bingo is the perfect activity for a birthday party, bachelorette, or cozy night in with friends. I’ve created six unique Taylor Swift Music Video Bingo Cards to turn watching music videos into a game.

Charles and I have been big Taylor Swift fans for a long time. We had a Taylor Swift dance party with friends while vacationing in Iceland, saw the Reputation Tour, and according to Spotify I am in the top 1% of her fans. When it comes to bingo, I created my first bingo cards before Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding and since it was a big success, I have made more!

How to Play Taylor Swift Music Video Bingo

Playing is easy! Just print the cards and turn on your favorite Taylor Swift music videos. I recommend using something to mark the squares instead of checking them off – this way you can use them again and again. The game goes QUICK – so be prepared to play multiple rounds.

Chances are, you will have a bingo winner after watching about three videos. Here is a link to Taylor Swift’s official YouTube channel’s music video playlist.

As Swifties know, Taylor has a tendency to repeat some of the same imagery and references. This means that you might get BINGO quickly. You can either opt to follow the instructions below to increase the difficulty, or, you could play until someone wins BINGO two or three times. I did try my best to make each of the BINGO cards even. I also tried to create cards that included elements from all of Taylor’s different Eras.

How to Make the Game Harder

If you want to play longer, eliminate the free space and write in something else before distributing the bingo cards.

How to Print the Taylor Swift Music Video Bingo Cards

The bingo cards are below – you just want to click on each one. Doing so will open a window where you can print the cards.

If you don’t have a printer, you could save the images to your phone and play on your phone. Adding the images to Instagram Stories allows you to check off the boxes as you go.

Taylor Swift Bingo Cards - a set of 6 free bingo cards

If you play BINGO – let me know by tagging @thekittchen on Instagram. I absolutely love it when people play my BINGO games with friends.

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This bingo game was created to play while you watch holiday movies on Hallmark, Lifetime, or Netflix. Here is my guide to some of my top picks for holiday movies. You can also find holiday movie reviews saved in a highlight on my Instagram account.


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

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