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Lunch in Chicago: Fooda and Zocalo

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Lunch in Chicago: Fooda and Zocalo

Zocalo Tacos, Elote Style Corn, and Black Beans. Brought to my office by Fooda.

I work directly across the street from my home, so I can go home for lunch. Words can’t express how much I love this. I never have to pack lunch, and I can make whatever I want! Lately I have been using my lunch break to make and photograph grilled cheese sandwiches for my cookbook.

Although I love making my own lunch, there are days when I spurge on the wonderful lunch options at my office. I work at an office with 3,000 people, most of whom are in the twenties. There are lots of people who need lunch, and they aren’t exactly the lunch packing type. For this reason, we have lots of lunch options! We have a cafeteria, 4-6 food trucks visit daily, and this wonderful company called Fooda arranges for 3 local restaurants to serve lunch on weekdays. The restaurants rotate, and everyone has their favorites. My favorite is Zocalo, and I usually change my mind about going home for lunch when I see them on the schedule. Zocalo is the sister restaurant of Taco Joint, one of my favorites.

Fooda brings restaurants into office and residential buildings in Chicago. I love the concept. It is great for the restaurants, whose lunch service is likely slower than dinner, it introduces new people to their food, and it brings lunch into an area that needs it. It is a win-win.

Are you in Chicago? Does Fooda come to your home or office? Have you need to Zocalo and Taco Joint yet?

Happy Friday everyone!

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