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140 Holiday Movies to Stream Now

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It’s no secret that I LOVE holiday movies! Today I am sharing my picks for the best holiday movies to stream now.

The Best Holiday Movies to Stream Now:

I am breaking this down by streaming platform so that you can easily find a movie to watch. There is some repetition on these lists since some titles are available on multiple platforms.

The Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix:

Netflix has a great lineup of Christmas movies, plus several more will be released during the holiday season.

The Best Holiday Movies to Stream on Netflix - 32 can't miss movies available to stream now! Up to date as of November 2021.

My top picks are The Holiday, Serendipity, Holiday in the Wild, and the Christmas Prince and Princess Switch movies.

The Best Holiday Movies to Watch on hulu:

I love how hulu has grouped together holiday episodes of some popular television shows making them easy to find and binge-watch. Doesn’t a night of watching classic SNL holiday episodes sound fun? Or if you want a side of teen drama with your holiday cheer, hulu has organized all of The O.C.’s Chrismukkah episodes!

A list of the best holiday movies and holiday themed tv shows available to stream now! Up to date as of November 2021.

The Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime:

I broke this list down by movies that are free with a Prime subscriptions and movies that are available to rent. Most rentals are about $3.99 and many of the rentals are not available to stream for free on other platforms.

The Christmas Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime - available to stream now! Up to date as of November 2021.

I promised my husband that I would include Die Hard on this list. He wants me to let you know that only the first two movies are worth watching.

The Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney +:

Disney has a collection of family friendly Christmas movies, and it’s the place to watch While You Were Sleeping.

30 Christmas Movies on Disney+ available to stream now! Up to date as of November 2021.

The Best Holiday Movies to Watch on Apple TV:

Apple TV is where you can find the Ted Lasso Christmas Episode that dropped this summer and is one of the best Christmas episodes I’ve seen.

Holiday Movies available to stream now on Apple TV! Up to date as of November 2021.

Holiday Movie Night Ideas:

Why not turn your movie night into a movie night/game night? I created holiday movie bingo cards so that you can play a game while you enjoy cheesy holiday movies. Click here to get my Hallmark Movie Bingo Cards, which apply to pretty much any Christmas movie.

Hallmark Movie Bingo

Any you might want some sips and snacks while you watch the movies. I recommend Italian Style Hot Chocolate, Christmas Tree Brownie Bites, and Snowmen Rice Krispie Treats.

How to make Thick Italian Hot Chocolate | This 3 ingredient recipe for Italian Hot Chocolate Mix makes it possible for you to make rich thick Italian-style hot chocolate at home. It's a game changer.

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Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments!

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