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10 Things You Don’t Know About Charles

10 Things You Don’t Know About Charles

Today I am talking about my husband Charles. He was the one who came up with the idea for this website and who supported my decision to start blogging full time. He gets mentioned from time to time, but based on people’s reaction to Instagram posts involving him, it seems like people are curious to know more.

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Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Charles:

  1. He’s half British and half Spanish. He was born in Spain and raised in London and Munich. He speaks 3 languages: English, Spanish, and German.
  2. He is tall! Charles is 6’3″ tall, almost a full foot taller than me.
  3. Charles loves yoga. He practices it almost every day. He also likes spinning and we try to go to a spin class together every weekend.
  4. After college in the UK, Charles was working for a company in Hamburg, Germany. That company transferred him to the US. He has lived in the US ever since.
  5. Out of all the places he has lived, Charles has lived in Chicago the longest.
  6. Charles became a US citizen in 2018. After the 2016 election he decided that he wanted to be able to vote.
  7. Brie cheese is one of his favorite foods. When we went to Provence and I asked him what he wanted to do, he said that he wanted to eat brie and baguettes.
  8. Some of Charles’s other favorite foods are tzatziki, turkey soup, chicken tortilla soup, brats, fried cheese curds, and pizza.
  9. Charles loves movies with happy endings. He gets upset when a movie has a sad ending. Watching Million Dollar Baby together did not go well. He loves bad Nic Cage movies and silly comedies.
  10. He’s ridiculously excited about his recent purchase of a Baby Bjorn and can’t wait to be a Dad. He wants the baby to have my hair but otherwise he wants he baby to be just like him.