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Where to Get Pizza in Wicker Park

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I love pizza, which is perfect since I am surrounded by pizzerias now that we live in Wicker Park. You can find Chicago-style, Detroit-style, New York-Style, New Haven-Style, Neapolitan, and pizza by the slice. Let me break down where to get pizza in Wicker Park.

Where to Get Pizza in Wicker Park:


Style: New Haven Style

Piece is an institution. The pizza is excellent. They have a great variety of toppings, and they sell pizza in different sizes – something that isn’t super common these days. My go-to order is a white pizza with tomatoes, ricotta, and artichoke. Charles likes sausage and pepperoni.

Paulie Gee’s

Style: Neapolitan

Paulie Gee’s is located right at the six corners Damen/North/Milwaukee intersection and they are one of the few spots in Chicago that sells pizza by the slice.

Craft Pizza

Style: New York/Neapolitan

Craft Pizza has a fantastic pizza special on Tuesdays. Their 14″ pizzas are $10, and the 18″ pizzas are $15 on Tuesdays. Not only is this a solid deal, the pizza is delicious and it is ready quickly! Craft is on a quiet spot on Damen, but it’s so worth checking out. Note: during peak hours they offer pizza by the slice. I would argue that Craft Pizza is the best in the neighborhood.

Lou Malnati’s

Style: Chicago

Want deep dish? Go to Lou Malnati’s which has several locations in Chicago and the suburbs. This Malnati’s location can be easy to miss, it’s tucked away off of Damen Street just about a block south of the El station. Local legend says that a member of the Malnati’s family created the recipe for Chicago style deep dish pizza while working at Pizzeria Uno – so this is as authentic as it gets.


Style: Neapolitan-inspired

Parlor serves up 12-inch pizzas ranging from classic margarita to pizzas with Italian beef, adobo chicken, or bacon and potatoes. Most pizzas are around $20 (which reinforces what a great deal Craft’s Tuesday special is). I love their Eggs Benedict Pizza on the brunch menu and prefer to go for brunch.

Pizza Metro

Style: Square Roman Style

If you need pizza fast – this is your best bet. Pizza Metro is quick and affordable. When we have been in situations where we need food ASAP, this is our go-to spot.



Style: Detroit

Detroit style pizza has a thick bready crust and is square in shape with cheese that goes all the way to the edge. Jet’s is known for serving delicious ranch dressing for dipping your pizza. East Coast readers, ranch on pizza is definitely a Midwest thing, and it’s so so good. Jet’s has several locations in Chicago and around the country.

Dimo’s Pizza

Style: Thin crust with creative twists

Dimo’s is just over the border in Bucktown and they serve wildly creative pizzas like mac and cheese, elote, gyro, and chicken and waffles. They have a handful of vegan options too. When I was younger, often a night out would end with a slice of pizza from Dimo’s (back when it was called Ian’s).

Paradise Park

Style: American Thin Crust

Looking for pizza and a party? Paradise Park is the spot. On weekends this place is an all day party. You might be familiar with Paradise Park’s sister restaurants, Homeslice and Happy Camper. The pizzas are what I am going to call American Thin Crust since the menu includes controversial items like pineapple and bbq sauce.

Knead Great Pizza

Style: “Neapolitan Inspired”

The menu at Knead has some classic Neapolitan style pies, in addition to Hawaiian pizza, sweet bbq, and buffalo chicken pizza. They also offer sides of ranch dressing, so it’s Italian with a healthy dose of the Midwest. All pizzas are 12″, but during happy hour they serve 6″ pizzas.


Monday 4th of October 2021

Was just in Chicago last week and tried Piece-it was excellent! Crispy but not burned crust and great distribution of cheese and toppings!

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