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Spaghetti Grilled Cheese

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Perhaps the most insanely delicious way to serve leftover spaghetti. 

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese is the most insanely delicious way to serve leftover spaghetti!

I like carbs on my carbs. While this Spaghetti Grilled Cheese made with garlic bread might seem over the top, I think it is a fun way to repurpose leftovers.

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese on Parmesan Garlic Bread

It’s a classic Italian meal, turned into one incredible sandwich. Spaghetti with meaty bolognese sauce is sandwiched between layers of fresh mozzarella and Parmesan Garlic Bread. While it looks messy, the mozzarella perfectly contains the spaghetti. The sandwich won’t fall apart, but I do advise against wearing a white shirt.

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese on Parmesan Garlic Bread is the most delicious way to serve leftover spaghetti!

The Parmesan Garlic Bread is a big upgrade to the buttered toast that is in typical grilled cheese sandwiches. The bread itself is soft and easy to bite into, but it has the perfect crispy, garlicy, cheesy, crust. It compliments the bolognese wonderfully, while the mild mozzarella melts into stringy soft deliciousness. The spaghettis is tossed in a beefy bolognese sauce and place between layers of mozzarella.

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese on Parmesan Garlic Bread - you need to try this!

The key to this recipe is using soft Italian bread. You want it to be smooshy. (That’s a word, right?) The softer bread really soaks up the butter and garlic as the butter melts, and most importantly, the soft bread makes the sandwich much easier to eat. Spaghetti grilled cheese can be a bit tall, so it’s important to use soft bread so that you can smoosh it down to fit it in your mouth.
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133 cal


13 g


3 g


2 g
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Spaghetti Grilled Cheese

Yields 1

5 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

15 minTotal Time

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  • 2 slices soft Italian Bread
  • 1 tablespoon Butter at room temp
  • 1/2 teaspoon Basil
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 1 tablespoon Finely Grated Parmesan
  • 1/2 cup
  • Bolognese Sauce
  • 1 cup Angel Hair Pasta


  1. In a small bowl, mix the garlic, basil, and butter together. Then spread this on one side of each slice of the soft Italian bread. Next spread 1/2 tablespoon of the finely grated Parmesan on buttered side of each slice of bread, lightly pressing it into the butter.
  2. Bring a pot of salt water to a bowl, add the angel hair pasta, and cook until al dente, and drain.
  3. Stir the cooked angel hair into 1/2 cup of the bolognese sauce.
  4. Lay a piece of the buttered garlic bread down, buttered side facing down. Top with 3 slices of the fresh mozzarella, arranging it so it covers the bread. Spread the bolognese covered angel hair over the mozzarella, and top with another layer of mozzarella. Add the second slice of bread on top, buttered side facing up.
  5. Heat a skillet over medium-low heat and add the sandwich and cover the skillet. There is no need to grease the pan. The key here is to go low and slow with heat, and not to move the sandwich. After 5-6 minutes the first side of the sandwich should be golden brown, carefully flip the sandwich, and cover the pan again. Toast the second side of the sandwich and serve immediately.
Spaghetti Grilled Cheese on Parmesan Garlic Bread is the most insanely delicious way to serve leftover spaghetti!


Thursday 19th of January 2023

My daughter asked for a spaghetti sandwich for dinner from a dream she had. I didn't even know it was a thing so I laughed and looked it up to humor her, when I stumbled upon this recipe. It looks amAZing! We will be trying it tonight!


Wednesday 27th of July 2022

This looks great! - thank you! Only thing is your first blurb says you love to use this for leftovers…but your recipe calls for fresh made. You should add a section for those actually using leftovers for a reheat method. Will the pan be enough to heat the cold spaghetti or should it be heated before going into the sandwich. Just a thought!


Tuesday 31st of October 2023

@Mallory, you could make the spaghetti and then the sandwiches a night or two later. Two meals in one!


Monday 7th of October 2019

Great recipe. My family loved it! Crazy good....

The Rambler

Tuesday 22nd of November 2016

Can I tell you how happy I was when I saw this!!!!! People look at me like I'm crazy when I make a spaghetti sandwich the next day. LOVE this and you are making me hungry. I love carbs on my carbs too (BEST line I've read all year). #turnituptuesdays

Helen at the Lazy Gastronome

Sunday 13th of November 2016

Now that's an interesting sandwich!! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner Link up!

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