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Soup Swap

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On a cold February day, my neighbor hosted a soup swap. It was a fun get-together and an easy way to meal prep healthy meals for the week!

Butternut Squash and Barley Chicken Soup | My recipe for Chicken Soup with Butternut Squash, Barley, and Kale brings together fall flavors in a healthy and hearty soup that your family is sure to love.

What is a Soup Swap?

I am very lucky to live on a block with amazing neighbors. At some point, three of us came up with the idea of having a soup swap. The idea is simple: we each made a different soups that we packed up and swapped with each other. By each preparing one soup, we got to enjoy three different soups!

Herb Roasted Tomato Soup 7

How to Host a Soup Swap:

Hosting a soup swap is easy. Invite your friends and ask what type of soup they want to bring. A little bit of coordination is good so that people bring a variety of different soups. Since our soup swap was small, we all decided to make 6 servings of soup so that everyone got 2 servings of each soup. In the future we want to invite more people which means we might each get one serving of each soup.

You don’t eat the soups at the swap, so we had a cheese board, a couple of dips, and some wine to enjoy when we all got together to make the swaps.

Since we all live on the same block, transporting the soups wasn’t an issue. We did pack them up at home to make things a bit easier. It was freezing cold in Chicago so we put the soups outside on a balcony. Depending on your transportation and fridge space situation, you might want to have people bring their own coolers to the swap.

Our soup swap was a success and we definitely want to do it again. It was a perfect way to easily meal prep with healthy meals for the week.

What I Brought

I made Charles’s favorite soup: Chicken Tortilla Soup. He loves it because it is hearty enough to have for dinner on its own. It worked well for the soup swap since it makes a big batch.

My neighbors brought a sausage kale soup and a chicken, lemon, and wild rice soup. Both were delicious!

Have you ever hosted a food swap? Did you swap soups or something else?

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