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How to Serve Leftover Pizza

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How To Serve Leftover Pizza

I always want a simple pizza with a few vegetables, while my husband wants one covered with meat. So when we go out for pizza, which seems to be our big trend lately, we end up with leftovers. Leftover pizza can be an amazing thing, if you know how to serve leftover pizza. In my opinion, the very best way to serve leftover pizza is to put an egg on top and have it for breakfast (I swear it can cure a hangover). There are only two steps required to prepare this meal, you heat up the pizza and you cook an egg. Simple… but really easy to mess up.

Let’s start with reheating the pizza. Please please please, don’t put it in the microwave. That will make the crust all rubbery and the bottom of the pizza with lose its crispness. Microwaves ruin pizza.

There are 3 ways to reheat pizza. The best way is to put it on a grill. That might be too much effort for the morning, and I don’t even have a grill. I reheat my pizza in a skillet, here are complete instructions. The third way to reheat pizza is in the oven, which takes a bit longer than the skillet method.

Now on to step two. Preparing the egg. I highly recommend pizza with a runny sunny side up egg (which I am completely addicted to) because the yolk just tastes so good with cheese, and it adds a little extra moisture which is key since usually leftover pizza isn’t as saucy. Here are detailed instructions for preparing a perfect sunny side up egg.

I hope I have inspired you to order a little extra pizza next time you go out. This pie in the photo is the Brickhouse, a white pizza with artichoke and peppers, from Brick’s Chicago. I think an egg is especially delightful on a white pizza.

*When I say pizza, I am not referring to deep dish. Thin crust all the way.

Tom Connelly

Monday 30th of March 2015

This is really great. Honestly I never thought of this. Another use for my leftover White pizza so it won't go bad.


Thursday 12th of March 2015

One more reason I need to get a skillet! Also, egg on pizza? I never would have thought.

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