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Revving Up My Day with Stash Teas

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stash Tea. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I am sharing my secret to getting my day going, and to beating the afternoon slump – Stash Tea! These delicious teas come in a variety of flavors and the caffeine helps me to power through the day.


Stash Tea 15

I always wake up so thirsty and craving something cold to drink. Recently, I have been starting my day with a big glass of Pomegranate Raspberry iced tea. It’s boldly flavorful and thirst-quenching. 

Stash Tea 11

Having iced tea ready to go in the fridge is such a big time and money saver for me. It helps me to get my day going faster since I am not running out to a coffee shop. Plus, it saves me money since making iced tea at home is far more affordable than going out for it. 

Stash Tea 10

Making the tea in large batches every few days and putting it in the fridge is part of my routine. If I have time, I make iced tea ice cubes but just pouring Pomegranate Raspberry Tea into an ice cube tray. These iced tea ice cubes keep my ice tea super cold, without watering down the fresh fruity flavor. Iced tea cubes are one of my best little life hacks.

Stash Tea 8

The Pomegranate Raspberry Tea is made with green tea, pomegranate, raspberries, hibiscus, orange peel, chamomile, and matcha. Usually, green and at matcha aren’t really my thing, but this tea is my new favorite. I love how the pomegranate and raspberries give it a slight sweetness. I don’t need to add sugar, but sometimes I do add a couple of slices of lemon. 

Stash Tea 13

I usually pour my ice tea right into a to-go cup so that it can go through my day with me. I sip it at my desk while I do work the cup with a lid prevents me from spilling on my laptop. Since it’s already in a reusable to-go cup, I take the tea with me when I run errands. I like having something to drink when I am running around Chicago on hot and humid days.

Stash Tea 9

Pairing tea with my lunch is a way that I avoid the afternoon slump, that sometimes overwhelming desire to crawl into bed and take a nap. 

Stash Tea 20

On colder days, I switch to hot tea. I usually pick Stash Tea’s Ginger Peach Tea because I love the contrast of the juice peach taste and the depth of flavor from the slightly sharp ginger. It keeps me warm and awake, which helps me to make the most of my workday. 

Stash Tea

My job is all about creativity, and I don’t feel very creative and am not very productive if I am trying not to fall asleep at my desk. Tea helps me to power through afternoons of recipe creation, photography, and brainstorming.

Stash Tea 21

Pomegranate Raspberry and Ginger Peach are my go-to teas, but Stash Tea has hundreds of varieties with bold flavor combinations, including Lemon Ginger, Chai Spice, and Asian Pear Harmony. You can purchase Stash Tea online using the promo code kittchen15 to get 15% off. I hope you love it just as much as I do.