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Homemade Paper Party Decorations

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Sometimes all it takes is a few carefully planned decorations to create a festive atmosphere.  My friend Caroline hosted a bachelorette party recently and the goal was to have a classy cocktail party.  When Caroline asked for help making decorations our friend Dre came up with some cute ideas, and I showed up to help assemble.

We cut lips and mustaches out with colored paper and then used a hole punch to punch holes.  Then we simply added the cut outs to the straws.

We also made a paper banner.  We printed out the letters spelling Bride to Be and then mounted them on colored paper and strung them together.

The night of the party we served a signature Raspberry Champagne cocktail.

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

You will need:
Step 1:
Add mint and raspberries to the ice-cube tray.  Add water and freeze.
Step 2:
Crush a raspberry in the bottom of a champagne flute.  Then add a couple of the raspberry mint ice cubes and pour champagne over.  Serve with a fun straw!

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