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7 Easy Quarantine Cocktails

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A collection of 7 easy quarantine cocktails to make your time sheltering at home a bit more bearable.

A collection of 7 easy quarantine cocktails to make your time sheltering at home a bit more bearable.

Happy hours with friends at our favorite bars have turned into virtual happy hours with homemade cocktails over Zoom. It’s unclear when things will return to normal, so until then, let’s make the most of quarantine cocktails.

Even though I am pregnant and can’t enjoy a cocktail right now (boy could I use one), I wanted to provide you with a list of delicious but easy to make cocktails.

Quarantine Cocktails

I don’t know what you might have on hand at home to make a cocktail, so I am sharing a variety of drinks that can be made with few ingredients.

How to make an Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

An Aperol Spritz is an Italian cocktail with a balance of sweet and bitter flavors. It’s made with four ingredients: prosecco, aperol, soda water, and an orange garnish.

Negroni Slushies | Learn how to make a Negroni Slushy and impress your friends with a frosty boozy summertime treat!

Negroni Slushies

This is an iconic Chicago summertime cocktail. Made famous by Parson’s, this drink is a sign that summer has arrived. If you are already a negroni drinker, you likely have many of these ingredients on hand. It’s made with gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange juice, and grapefruit juice.

Watermelon Spritz 10

Watermelon Spritz

If you have watermelon, prosecco, and limoncello you can make a watermelon spritz!

Lemon Spritz | A Lemon Spritz is the Amalfi Coast's answer to an Aperol Spritz. This refreshing 3 ingredient cocktail is easy to make and perfect for summer!

Lemon Spritz

Inspired by the spritzes in Capri, this version of a spritz is made with limoncello instead of aperol.

One Minute Rosé Slushies

You need just one minute of time, rosé, vodka, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, and frozen watermelon to make this cocktail.

Cucumber Lime Gin and Tonics

These refreshing gin and tonics are made with gin that has been muddled with cucumbers and lime. The only ingredients are cucumbers, limes, gin, and tonic.

A Gin and Tonic Slushy transforms the classic British cocktail into a refreshing summertime treat. The gin is blended up with plenty of ice and your flavoring of choice (lemon juice, lime juice, and strawberry juice all work well), then you pour that slushy mix into a glass filling it half way and then you pour cold tonic water over and gently stir.

Gin and Tonic Slushies

I usually have frozen strawberries in my freezer and if you do too, you can make a strawberry gin and tonic slushy. Yeah, if I am feeling fancy I will roast fresh strawberries, but you can absolutely use frozen strawberries.

Cheers everyone! We will make it through this together, and when it’s over we will appreciate happy hours with friends even more.

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