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Coffee Shops in Wicker Park

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One of the most surprising things about living in Wicker Park is the incredible number of coffee shops in the neighborhood. There are six coffee shops on one side of block of Division Street! It’s crazy! Today, I am sharing a list of coffee shops in Wicker Park to help you decide which is the one for you.

I know a lot about Wicker Park. I don’t know as much about coffee. I think that people want different things from a coffee shop. Some people want a relaxing vibe and a place to read, others want to get some work done, and then there are people wanting a place to meet a friend or a date. Sometimes I want breakfast with my coffee and sometimes I just want a cup of coffee (or tea) to go. In order to appease everyone, I am presenting an extensive list of the coffee shops in Wicker Park. *Some might be just across the border of Wicker Park and are technically in Ukrainian Village or Bucktown. If a place is SUPER close to Wicker Park I didn’t want to leave it off the list.

Coffee Shops in Wicker Park:

I have mapped out all of the coffee shops in Wicker Park below. There are two big clusters of coffee shops in the neighborhood, one along Division by Paulina and another at the six point North/Damen/Milwaukee intersection.

The Wormhole Coffee

An ’80s themed coffee shop with a DeLorean inside. Wormhole has a good amount of space for coworking inside and a small area outside on the sidewalk. The decor includes old lunchboxes and even an old Apple desktop.

Caffè Streets

A small coffee shop with tables inside and a patio. They also serve Beacon Doughnuts.

Ipsento 606

Located just north of the 606 and technically in Bucktown, Ipsento 606 is a coffeeshop by day and a cocktail bar by night.


Brü has smoothies, raw juices, teas, and coffee in addition to a menu of sweet and savory gluten-free crepes. The elegant decor includes velvet sofas and chandeliers. If you are a tea drinker, you have plenty of options here. But, know that they don’t open until 8:30am.


This is Charles’s favorite local coffee house. The Wicker Park Intelligensia location is right by the corner of Division and Ashland and it can be easy to miss. Heads up, they close at 2pm so this isn’t the place to go if you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

You can find La Colombe tucked under the Damen El platform. My go-to order is the draft latte which is light and frothy. I love it so much that I will walk past seven other coffee shops to get it.

La Borra Cafe

Located on Division and Paulina, this large Mexican coffee house has plenty of room for people looking to get some work done, plus a big patio. Their fresh pastries are delicious, I recommend the vanilla concha (a sweet bread with a vanilla glaze).


Semicolon is a bookshop that also serves coffee. The space is large, quiet, and has some tables. You can find Semicolon between La Borra Cafe and Foxtrot.


Foxtrot has blessed Wicker Park with two locations! One is on Division Street and the other is at the Damen and Milwaukee intersection. They serve coffee and they have a small menu plus a variety of grab and go items. This is a perfect place to stop if you have some light grocery shopping to do. Foxtrot opens at 6am on weekdays and 7am on weekends – which is a bit earlier than some of the other coffee shops on Division. FYI – the Damen/Milwaukee location has a better setup and more space for getting work done.


Colectivo is on Damen just north of Division. This location is big, with two levels and a dog friendly patio. They have a big drink menu plus a great breakfast and lunch menu.

Philz Coffee

Philz focuses on making dip coffee fresh to order. Patrons get to choose from 30 different roasts. Don’t go looking for a latte; they don’t offer espresso drinks. And, be patient. Since coffee is ground and brewed to order, it takes a little more time. There is a good amount of seating inside and a covered patio outside. In addition to coffee, the menu has baked goods and toasts. Philz’s hours are shorter than some of the other coffeeshops nearby, they open at 7am and close at 3:30pm on weekdays.

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

Stan’s doughnuts are arguably the best in Chicago. They offer several coffees on tap which is a nice timesaver. When it comes to the doughnuts, they can’t be missed. I love the pistachio and the chocolate glazed.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Fairgrounds serves ethically sourced coffee from a variety of coffee roasters. They have a large breakfast and lunch menu. They have a good number of tables for working and a cozy fireplace, plus there are tables outside.

Gallery Cafe

Located on the corner of North and Wood, Gallery Cafe is a small batch coffee roaster that hosts local artists. In addition to drinks, the menu includes breakfast sandwiches and sandwiches.

Bakeries / Cafes That Serve Coffee:

Alliance Bakery

If you want coffee and a pastry to go, this is the spot. Their pastry menu includes massive cinnamon rolls, scones, and several types of croissants. One thing to note is that they have patio seating but no seating inside. Sometimes a seating area next door is open.

Tous les Jours

A French/Asian bakery and coffeeshop. In addition to coffee, you can find teas, pastries, cakes, breads, and light meals on the menu. There is limited seating inside but a nice sized patio outside. I like their milk teas.

Goddess and the Grocer

This is located north of North Avenue on Damen. If you want a full meal with your coffee, this is one of the best options. There is a big salad, sandwich, and grab and go menu. The pastries and cakes are some of the best in Chicago, and they serve Do-Rite doughnuts. There is very limited inside dining space but they have a large rooftop patio.

Lost Larson

A bakery serving elegant pastries including croissants, cakes, scones, and cookies. Their coffee menu has some fun twists like a Lavender Latte.

Big Chain Coffeeshops in Wicker Park


There are three Starbucks locations in Wicker Park. There is a small Starbucks Reserve on the corner of North Avenue and Damen. When I think of a Starbucks Reserve, I think of the massive locations that are full experiences. This store is small and not like the other Reserve locations that I have been to and I believe it has the Reserve name because the menu is more of a Reserve menu. The Jewel-Osco grocery store has a Starbucks inside their Milwaukee location. Lastly, there is a Starbucks on the corner of Paulina and Division and I must say that the staff there is exceptional friendly.

Dunkin Donuts

You can find Dunkin over by the Jewel-Osco and on Division Street by Hoyne.

There you have it. The 24 coffeeshops in Wicker Park! Do you have a favorite?

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