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Charles’s Home Office

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We partnered with The Finish to design a home office that Charles absolutely loves! I am so excited to share this space with you.

photo by Erin Konrath

Like so many people, Charles is able to work from home. While he doesn’t miss spending time commuting to an office, Charles did miss having a formal workspace. Luckily, the home we purchased in 2021 does have a room that he can use as an office. The problem was that it didn’t look professional, and since Charles is on Zoom all day, he wanted an impressive Zoom background and workspace.

the Before

Enter The Finish, an interior design service with hourly rates so that you can hire them to help with projects both big and small! The Finish makes interior design services accessible to people who want their home to feel polished without hiring someone to take on a large project with a big budget.

The Finish is more affordable than many other interior design services since they are only selling a designer’s time and there are no budget minimums. Some projects, like styling a bookcase or rearranging a room, might not even require a budget beyond paying for the designer’s time. The Finish’s designers work on projects as small as selecting paint colors and styling bookcases to larger projects like designing a full room. You can work with your designer in-person or virtually so The Finish’s services are accessible across the country. I love the philosophy behind The Finish since everyone deserves to live in a space that they love.

The Finish has generously provided the promo code “THEKITTCHEN ” which is good for 20% off your initial design consultation.

Charles’s Home Office Design

Charles and I were able to team up with The Finish to completely redesign Charles’s office, turning it into a space that he is so proud of!

We loved The Finish design process. The first step was to be matched with the right designer for our project. The Finish paired us up with Allison, a Chicago-based designer, who magically understood what Charles wanted when he said he wanted to incorporate woodland themes into a professional work space. After meeting with Allison, she sent us a design proposal.

The design proposal included clear images that brought Allison’s vision to life. This was perfect since Charles has a hard time imagining what a finished space will look like… and it has made involving him in interior decor decisions a challenge. He was able to see Allison’s images and feel confident knowing he would love the final result.

Charles wanted an office that looks professional without feeling stuffy. The several family photos help to make the office feel welcoming and like it is still a part of someone’s home and not an office building. The inclusion of whimsical animal lamps, the color green, and forest photographs bring Charles’s request for a woodland theme to life. Allison’s design was able to strike the right balance of work and home.

The office does double as a guest room, but it doesn’t get used very often. For that reason, it made sense to free up some space by getting rid of the bed and replacing it with a pull-out couch.

Several years ago, Charles and I discovered Roger + Chris, a custom furniture shop, online. The couch we bought in 2016 has held up so well, so we knew that we wanted to purchase the pull-out sofa from them. Not only does Roger + Chris offer a plethora of fabric options in 1,300+ colors, the customer service is the best. Chris is able to help determine the exact size, layout, and depth that make the most sense for your project. We ordered the Olympia Deco Chesterfield, a Queen Sized Sleeper Sofa, in the Bruges Forest fabric. In addition to ordering the pull-out sofa for Charles’s office, we also ordered a chair for the living room and sectional for the tv room – I will be sharing more on that another time.

photo by Erin Konrath

Once all of the pieces of furniture and decor that we ordered had arrived, Allison came in with a carpenter to pull everything together and put it in its place. Suddenly, Charles’s office was the nicest most put together room in our house. The entryway looked bland and boring in comparison, this became the inspiration for entryway redesign that I tackled while Charles was on a long business trip.

The very last addition to the office was plants! For that, I called my friend Andy from Plants Delivered Chicago– if you follow me on Instagram you have probably heard about all the incredible work Andy does to help people faced with homelessness in Chicago. Andy provided recommendations for low-maintenance plants, delivered them, and told us how to care for them. A month later – the plants are still thriving!

We are so thankful for Allison and The Finish for creating a beautiful workspace for Charles and guest room for our family members. We can’t say enough about what a delight it was working with them and how much we love the finished space.

In case you missed it, The Finish has generously provided the promo code “THEKITTCHEN ” which is good for 20% off your initial design consultation.

I received a discount on services in exchange for sharing my experience with The Finish. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make this site possible.

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