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Our Bedroom | Primary Bedroom Design

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Today, I am sharing our primary bedroom design with you! To me, it’s a space that is calming. I feel relaxed when I am there. The design is a perfect example of how Charles and I have worked together to make decor decisions that we both love.

Modern Primary Bedroom Design with Bold Wallpaper

I have loved decorating our home. My overall goal is for each room to feel complete. The intention is for this to be our forever home. Even though we owned our two previous homes, we knew that we wouldn’t stay forever, and for that reason, I didn’t put 100% effort into decorating. This time, I am all in.

Charles doesn’t want to be involved in every detail of design, but he wants to be sure that he will like it! So it was important to involve him in early discussions so we could agree on an aesthetic. We have traveled to several Soho House properties together and we love their design.

I spent some time combing through their website and pulled inspiration images. Then I tried to put my finger on what design elements create the “Soho House look”. The spaces have a bold use of color, a variety of textured fabrics, a gender-neutral aesthetic, and a look that blends traditional and modern design elements.

Does the final product look just like a Soho House bedroom? Maybe not. That’s ok. The design inspiration led me in the right direction and we ended up with a bedroom that we both love. I did choose a palette of colors that aren’t overly feminine or masculine – greys, blacks, and gold. I added textiles with a variety of textures – velvet curtains, a waffle blanket, and cotton comforters. And when it came to color, I let it become a major design element for the space by adding wallpaper.

photo by Chicago Andrea Creative

I loved this black and gold wallpaper with a bird motif the second I saw it. I lucked out when Charles liked it too. We wallpapered the wall that the bed is against and it anchors the room. It was the first decision that I made and everything else was selected to match the wallpaper.

Our bedroom is small, so the goal was to make the most of the space. One of the ways that we did this was to buy tall nightstands with 3 drawers. They match our tall bed while providing us with more storage. I searched and searched for tall narrow nightstands online, and one night my friend Debi sent me a link to affordable nightstands that fit the room perfectly!

We dressed the nightstands up a bit by swapping out the boring silver knobs for these RH Camden Crystal Knobs. They made the nightstands look more expensive and they match the color scheme.

The nightstands themselves don’t have much tabletop space, and the room needed lighting, so it made sense to add sconces. I think that the sconces give the room a more sophisticated look.

The room is furnished with a mix of new purchases and items that we already had. The bed is a black wrought iron bed that we have had for years. I repurposed three black frames with grey mats and added photos from our favorite vacations.

photo by Chicago Andrea Creative

Our bedding is from a mix of places. Our favorite sheets are from Cozy Earth because they are the softest. The duvets are from Brooklinen. I will let you in on a secret. Charles and I have our own duvets. We don’t share! We each have our own duvet on our sides of the bed, and then we put a big blanket over the top so the bed doesn’t look messy. We have a waffle blanket from Boll & Branch on the top of the bed, I like the texture and weight of this blanket.

My favorite curtains are velvet curtains from West Elm. We had them in our last home and have purchased them again to use in our bedroom and Gwen’s room. I picked a medium grey-colored curtain and a black wrought iron curtain rod to match the bed frame.

We still need to purchase a light fixture for this room. Right now we have our eye on something like this.

My friend Jenn inspired me to get into home fragrances. Having a light scent in the air makes my home feel more sophisticated. I feel like a real grown-up. I went to Diptyque in Wicker Park and I picked out the “34” scent. It’s woodsy with some floral notes.

Primary Bedroom Design Before Photos:

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