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Our Entryway

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We moved last February and we have taken our time settling in and decorating. One space that needed attention was our entryway, a long narrow hallway.

Decorating such a narrow, high-traffic, space presented some challenges. The space was very white, which made the space feel sterile and unwelcoming. I needed to infuse some color and create an inviting space.

Adding a runner helped to bring the space to life. We chose a 2.5′ x 10′ runner from Ruggable since they are washable and this area gets really dirty when the stroller tracks in muddy snow in the winter.

One side of the entryway is home to a big closet, but the other ten-foot-long wall was empty. I chose to hang 18 family photos using Mixtiles (not sponsored). Mixtiles are affordable, easy to hang, and durable. You simply upload your photos and they get printed onto the “tiles”. They arrive framed and with sticky adhesive on the back. If I were to guess, the mixtiles and frames are made of lightweight plastic. So far, they have been able to withstand being in a home with a curious toddler. They are the perfect solution for this space. But, since they don’t look very high end, I don’t know if I would recommend them for a more prominent part in your home.

Lastly, the end of the hallway needed a focal point. I wanted art that matched the modernity of the space, so I turned to my favorite emerging artist. This was the first painting that my two-year-old brought home from school.

She loves blue, and was so proud to show me the painting. I thought that the best way to encourage her was to display her painting in our home. Of course, we now have half a dozen more piled in a closet, but I love that one is proudly on display for everyone to see as soon as they enter our home.

The final touch was adding a seasonal wreath to the front door.

I am sure that this space will continue to evolve, but this is a major improvement.

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