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Weekend Breakfasts

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Weekend Breakfast |

I love waking up on weekends and cooking breakfasts. Lately I have been keeping things simple and making scrambled eggs with cheddar (I particularly love Cabot’s Farmhouse Reserve) and spinach. I have crumpets with jam on the side. I have a cup of tea too. I recently discovered crumpets. My British husband, Charles, insisted that we celebrate “Independence Eve”, a holiday made up by Newcastle beer celebrating the eve of American independence (aka when we were still Britain). Naturally, our Independence Eve party involved serving tea and crumpets. Crumpets look like English Muffins, but they have a spongey texture. They soak up butter and jam in the most delightful way. I am going to learn to make crumpets – but until then they are available at most grocery stores. Just look in the refrigerated section. Have you tried crumpets?

After breakfast I usually head to the grocery store to gather ingredients for my weekend projects which generally include some freelance work developing recipes for Home Chef and writing for Coca-Cola. This simple no-fuzz breakfast is quick and easy to make, and it doesn’t make much of a mess.

What do you cook for breakfast on weekends?

My Favorite Weekend Breakfast |


Oh and I need to let you know about a fun event next week! A Blend of People is a fun series of networking events. The evening brings together young people from different industries. A small panel of presenters speak on a given topic. On Wednesday the monthly speaker series is being held at The Bedford (a fabulous bar/lounge in a former bank) and speakers are discussing current Chicago trends. I am speaking about food trends. Go here for more info. Hope to see you there!

Candace @ Cabot

Friday 1st of August 2014

Lovely post - your images are getting so beautiful! Glad you like the Farmhouse Reserve from the Cabot Farmers' Legacy Collection. Did you hear about our big recipe contest? You should definitely enter!

Fern @ To Food with Love

Sunday 27th of July 2014

Crumpets are lovely. I enjoy them toasted and topped with butter and peanut butter!

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