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Thanksgiving Troubleshooting

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday! With that being said, I know that sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. For example, my plans became a mess when my flight to Manchester got diverted to Providence and then the Manchester airport closed. But we did make it to Maine, it just took 12 hours. And to keep things interesting, the power just went out.

If your gravy is too salty:
Add 1/2 cup low sodium chicken or vegetable broth, and a diced potato. The potato will absorb the saltiness. You need to let the gravy simmer with the potato for 15-30 minutes. Adding the broth thins the gravy out so it doesn’t get too thick during this process. I promise you that this works, I tested it at home when I made gravy using drippings from a brined turkey.

If you run out of room in your oven:
Put potato dishes in aluminum pans and keep them warm on a grill heated to low. Stir occasionally so things heat evenly.

If you are worried about getting the turkey out of the roasting pan and onto the cutting board:
Fold up two pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil and place them under the turkey before cooking.

If your turkey didn’t reach a nice golden brown color:
Broil for a few minutes once roasting is complete.

If your turkey is browning too quickly:
Cover with aluminum.

If you lost power:
Accept that you are having a more authentic Thanksgiving- the pilgrims didn’t have electricity and they made it work. Then brainstorm. But seriously, we just lost power in Maine, and many families are faced with the challenge of celebrating the holiday with out power (and without being able to watch the parade!). My godparents have a generator so it looks like we might bring everything other there to cook. Plan B involves my brother, a deep fryer, and a grill.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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