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What to do with Leftover Gravy

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Roasted Garlic, Parmesan, Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes from above

Gravy is always on hand on Thanksgiving to accompany the turkey and mashed potatoes.  But what do you do with leftover gravy?  Here are some great ideas:

1.  Add it to a soup or a stock.  Gravy really adds a lot of flavor.  If you aren’t making a soup right after Thanksgiving – go ahead and make stock and add the gravy into that, then freeze it for later.  (My turkey soup recipe will be posted this week).
2.  Add it to a turkey pot pie.  Turkey pot pie is a great way to use a variety of your leftovers.  I will be making a pot pie this week – so recipe to come!  Pot pies can be frozen and cooked later if you are on turkey overload.  Or just make 2 at a time, one for now, one for later.
3.  Freeze the gravy in an ice cube tray, and add to sauces – or just use to top potatoes post thanksgiving.

How I make gravy:
You will need:
The pan drippings from a Chicken or Turkey
1 tablespoon Butter
1 tablespoon Flour
3-5 tablespoons White Wine

Step 1:
Scrape all the pan drippings from the pan you cooked your Turkey (or Chicken) in.  Pour the drippings through a strainer (one with a fine mesh) and into a clear container.  The fat will rise to the top.

Step 2:
Using the same pan that you just poured the drippings from, melt the butter and add the flour and mix together – making a roux.  If you have a lot of pan dripping you might want to add 2 tablespoons butter and 2 tablespoons flour.  Then using a baster add the drippings back into the pan.  Suck up the drippings below the fat line and add.  You want to discard the fat that settles to the top of the drippings.  Mix into the roux and then add the white wine.  Add 3-5 tablespoons of white wine depending on whether you cooked a Chicken or a Turkey and how much gravy you are making.

Step 3:
Stir the mixture with a whisk and heat until it is bubbling.  At this point the gravy will begin to thicken.  Stir constantly for a minute or two until the gravy reaches the desired consistency.

Anita Mac

Friday 30th of November 2012

Never a problem chez moi! My sister loves her gravy - we never get leftovers!!!! For Christmas, she got her own insulated gravy boat! She was pretty happy about it and it comes to all major family dinners (Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter)

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