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The Rundown v. 38

The Rundown v. 38


January has been gray and gloomy (so far we have had just 5 days of sunshine). It’s been the perfect weather for staying in and getting work done. (And maybe binge watching The Crown and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries). I have definitely been out and about less this month, but I have managed to have some fun.


Charles and I rang in 2017 at a disco themed party. I love a good theme party, and we turned New Year’s Eve into a luxurious staycation at the Soho House. I highly recommend going to a New Year’s Eve party someplace where you can spend the night – not having to worry about how to get home at the end of the night takes most of the stress out of planning.


I recently met up with some of my food blogger friends for lunch at Chicken Shop. I love this low key restaurant – and their fried chicken sandwich is fantastic.


One cold day, Charles and I had a lovely weekend lunch at Gibsons. When I want steak, I want the best steak, and Gibsons is exceptional.


I have been trying to wake up an hour earlier this month, and I have finally gotten to the point where I am up and out of bed by 8am! I know that might sound silly, but I have always been a night owl. It’s totally normal for me to be up until midnight, and I do some of my best work between 9pm and midnight.


I have been going back to Flywheel – and recently I was joined by my friends Jeana and Maggie. I love spinning with friends. On weekends Charles and I go together and then get brunch, it is a weekend routine that I look forward to.


I discovered the best new nail polish! It’s a local vegan brand called LVX and it seriously lasts (even though it isn’t a no-chip). Here is what my manicure looked like after 8 days. It’s also worth noting that I did the manicure myself, and I do A LOT of dishes.


I don’t want to get too political, but I traveled to Washington D.C. for the Women’s March. As I explained on Instagram, I wasn’t marching against anything, but I wanted to stand up for causes that are important to me. I am married to an immigrant, I have had check ups at Planned Parenthood when I didn’t have health insurance, and climate change worries me. I have friends that are LGBTQ and friends that are minorities, and I want America to be a place that welcomes everyone.

Next weekend Charles and I are heading to Milwaukee. I have never been! Let me know if you have recommendations!