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My Gift Picks for Two-Year-Olds

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Today I am sharing my gift picks for my two-year-old daughter, Gwen.

Some of these gifts were picked because Gwen loved playing with them at her cousin’s house. When we were in Maine, Gwen loved pushing Ranchie (if you follow me on Instagram, you know) around in a doll stroller, so that made the list. She also loved Siena’s Elmo On The Go Letters, so we bought Gwen her own. I also included some of Gwen’s current favorite toys on the list.

My Gift Picks for Two-Year-Olds


We asked for a second set of Tubelox since Gwen loves this STEM toy so much. When Gwen gets older, she will be able to build her own structures. Right now we build structures for her to climb on.

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Elmo On The Go Letters

This toy is pretty simple, it’s just a case that holds all of the letters of the alphabet, but Gwen and her cousin really love it. I love that it gives her a chance to practice her letters.

Doll Stroller

Gwen made it clear that Ranchie needs his very own stroller, so I set out to find the most aesthetically pleasing doll stroller. This company has several different pretty patterns available.

Bitty Baby Outfit

Gwen loves the Bitty Baby that my parents gave her last year. This year, I bought matching party dresses for Gwen and her doll.

Dinosaur Costume

Is there anything cuter than a toddler roaring and pretending to be a dinosaur? This costume was just $35.

Food Truck

This was a birthday gift, so Gwen has had this for a few months. She plays with it every single day! Usually, the truck is open for business in the morning before school and after she eats dinner.

Micro Mini Scooter

I gave Gwen a scooter in the Spring, but I just recently removed the seat, and now she is flying! I love gifts that can be used for years, and this is a perfect example.

A Plush Baby Doll

This plush baby doll is so sweet that I couldn’t resist getting one for Gwen.

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope these ideas are helpful.

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