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Resolve to have a Healthier New Year

It seems like everyone resolves to lose weight and get in better shape every new year. Often these resolutions do not last very long. I think that the changes to your lifestyle that lead to weight loss need to be made gradually, otherwise it is likely you will get frustrated and give up.

Last year I lost 10 pounds by making a series of changes to my routine. I started off by working out on weekends, and writing down what I ate. By writing down what I ate, it made me feel accountable for everything I ate. It also helped me to identify problems in my eating habits. I realized that I was eating more cheese than I should, and that I need to be eating more vegetables. Every couple of weeks I would refine my diet a bit more. I stopped buying lunches all together and committed to packing my lunch everyday. I stopped going out for brunch on weekends, this was an easy change and it saved me lots of calories and money.

After four months I was working out four days a week, taking CrossFit and TRX classes which are 45 minutes long and really kick your butt into shape. The changes I made to my diet were basic, but effective. After 6 months of this routine I had lost 10 pounds, and more importantly I had gotten into great shape. It has been 6 months since my wedding which inspired by fitness routine, but I am still at it. In the new year my goal is keep it up.

Here are some very simple ways that you get make the new year a healthy one:

  • Eat 1 more serving of vegetables a day
  • Eat your fruit and vegetables first, and eat them with every meal
  • Reconsider your fast food orders. I go to Starbucks 3-4 times a week. Swapping out a sugary drink for simple tea or coffee can make a difference.
  • Commit to adding 1 more hour of physical activity to your routine per week
  • Drink 1 or 2 more glasses of water eat day
  • If you go to restaurants often, go one less time per week
  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat 2 healthy snacks per day, one in the midmorning and one in the midafternoon

Do you have any other easy ways to say healthy?