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Creating More Storage with Inspired Closets

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Two years after moving into our home, it became clear that we needed more storage. We teamed up with Inspired Closets Chicago to solve two problems: we had nowhere to store the vacuum, and Gwen’s toys were taking over.

In case you missed it, we worked with Inspired Closets Chicago to design all our home’s closets. They came recommended by our friend Jenn Lake, who worked with the company to build the most amazing closet of all time.

In addition to designing all the closets in our home, Inspired Closets Chicago did our pantry too! We have loved working with the company because they create functional designs that make the most of our space. The design and installation process is so easy. The team comes to take measurements which they use to create an initial design. The coolest part of the design process is the 3D drawings that really let you understand what the final product will look like.

Once the design is approved, all of the materials are ordered, and installation is scheduled. The actual installation happens quickly. The team installed six closets in a day!

After such great experiences working with Inspired Closets Chicago, we brought them in to turn a little nook off the living room into a floor-to-ceiling storage unit. What was wasted space is now a gamechanging place to store both necessities and Gwen’s toys.

When the team came to see the space, they asked exactly what we wanted to store in the unit and came up with a design that meets our needs. A tall cabinet with access to an outlet is just what we needed for storing the vacuums. Plus, there is room for a step ladder.

The lower drawers serve as storage for Gwen’s art supplies and small toys.

More toys are individually organized in clear containers and kept on the shelves. We have found that this system helps to keep our home much cleaner. Before, most toys were in large baskets that Gwen would empty out everywhere in order to find what she was looking for. Now, she can easily see everything and find what she wants.

The storage unit is tall, so items that we don’t use as often go on the top. These are things like supplies to make Christmas cookies, muffin tins, and platters. Our kitchen is small and it has been nice to free up some space there.

We have been in our home for two and a half years, and we are powering through the last of our design projects. I will be telling you all about the entryway and Charles’s office soon!

We received a discount from Inspired Closets Chicago; all opinions are my own.

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