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Our Inspired Closets Chicago Pantry | Pantry Design

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One of my favorite parts of our new home is the pantry. We worked with Inspired Closets Chicago to create a beautiful and functional pantry.

I already showed you our kitchen, and I mentioned that it is smaller than the kitchen in our last home. This means that the pantry is a very important space.

Instead of trying to design and install a pantry ourselves, we brought in the professionals. We loved working with Inspired Closets Chicago. They designed all of the closets in our home. They are experts at making the most out of a space while keeping it organized.

The pantry isn’t huge, but it is mighty. It easily stores our dry goods, snacks, wine, baking supplies, baking dishes, and more.

Michael Carson at Inspired Closets Chicago had the idea of adding a countertop to the pantry. This is a detail that I love since it gives me a perfect place to store appliances that I don’t use on a daily basis. It helps me achieve my goal of having a kitchen that is clear of clutter.

All of Inspired Closets Chicago’s thoughtful design makes up for the fact that our kitchen has about half of the cabinets that our last home had.

The pantry has a mix of shelves that can be used to store anything and areas dedicated to storing specific things. I organized my baking ingredients and supplies in two large baskets. This way, when I am baking I can just grab the entire basket and bring it into the kitchen instead of needing to find individual ingredients.

A spice rack provides dedicated storage for the spices that I use on a regular basis. Knowing exactly where these are is a big timesaver. I can’t tell you how much time I used to waste trying to find the garlic powder!

Plus, there are a few wine racks perfect for storing red wine.

One of my favorite things are the two wire drawers that we use for snack storage. In the past, I kept snacks in a large bowl on my counter. Keeping the snacks in the pantry keeps my countertop clear, and having the snacks out of sight prevents me from mindless snacking throughout the day.

We made the most of the vertical space and we just keep my step ladder in the pantry so that I can use it when I need to.

Now that Gwen is crawling all over the place, it’s just a matter of time before she gets interested in opening the cabinets. One of the reasons why I love the pantry is because it provides safe storage for anything that I need to keep out of Gwen’s reach. She won’t be able to reach the door handle to get into the pantry for a long time, and there are plenty of high shelves to keep things extra safe.

We are so pleased with how the pantry turned out! It is just one of several spaces in our home that Inspired Closets Chicago designed – I will be sharing photos and more info on the other spaces in the future. We have loved working with the company – the installation process was fast, easy, mess-free, and covid-friendly.

We received a discount from Inspired Closets Chicago, as always the opinions expressed are my own.

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