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Chicago Businesses to Support Right Now

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Over the past few days I have been compiling and sharing lists of Chicago businesses to support right now. I am trying my best to do what I can to help local businesses, and while I am not leaving home, I can spread the word to others.

Chicago Businesses to Support during Quarantine - lists of Chicago businesses offering delivery, takeout, and other services

This a tough time and I am proud of these businesses for stepping up and helping to address the needs of their customers. Some are delivering essentials like bread, eggs, and milk. Others are selling meals to feed the whole family. Gyms are renting equipment and coffee shops are becoming general stores. Some businesses are collaborating with each other to do thinks like deliver coffee and plants. It’s wonderful to see how the community is coming together.

These lists include businesses that are operating differently or offering new products and services, plus restaurants that are selling family-style meals. I haven’t included restaurants that are offering their usual delivery services.

If you know of a business that I should include in a list, please reach out (@thekittchen on instagram). The news of these business changes spreads through word of mouth and social media and it’s hard to be on top of everything.

Chicago Businesses to Support Right Now

Grocery Delivery:

Here are a variety of locally owned bakeries, butchers, markets, and grocers that are offering delivery right now.

Chicago Restaurants Offering Family Meals:

I want to point out that if you are ordering pick up, it is usually best to do so from the restaurant directly. Online platforms charge the restaurants commission. News reports that these commissions have been waived aren’t quite accurate, it seems that the commission payments have merely been delayed. Before using an online ordering platform, check to see if that business has direct delivery available, and if you are planning to pick up just call the order in.

Yesterday we ordered delivery from a restaurant and someone asked me if I thought delivery was safe. I am not an expert on food safety or viruses but based on what I have read online, the virus doesn’t seem to be spreading through food. I thought that this article from The Atlantic and this info sheet from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland were both helpful.

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