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5 Things Charles Loves About His Home Office

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We recently worked with The Finish, an interior design service, to redesign Charles’s home office. Today, I am sharing some of Charles’s favorite things about the space.

  1. Charles loves the calming ambiance and the woodland theme elements of the space. The wood tones, the whimsical lamps, and the wallpaper bring nature and calming colors into the room.

2. The clocks have a surprising side effect of keeping people on track and focused in meetings. Being able to quickly tell what time it is in Asia and Europe lets Charles instantly know if it’s an appropriate time to call colleagues there.

3. The family photos give people a small glimpse into Charles’s life outside of work. These decorate the space without adding clutter. Charles says that having a clean work environment helps him to focus.

4. The couch provides a pop of color and some more comfortable seating. Since it is a pull out sofa, the office can double as a guest room when necessary. We both love the forest green color of the sofa and the lush velvet fabric. It looks luxurious!

5. The number one thing that Charles likes is that the space looks primarily like an office, even though it can double as a guest room. The new office uses space more efficiently and looks more professional.

Charles enjoyed working with The Finish because our designer’s (Allison) attention to detail and creativity made desired changes that Charles thought wouldn’t fit the space, possible. We loved knowing that someone else was managing the project and that it was in safe hands.

The Finish has generously provided the promo code “THEKITTCHEN ” which is good for 20% off your initial design consultation with The Finish.

Want to read more about Charles’s home office? Check out this post revealing the space.

I received a discount on services in exchange for sharing my experience with The Finish. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make this site possible.

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