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Ways to Make a Sandwich Better

Here is a list of easy and creative ways to make a sandwich better, because no one should have a boring lunch. 

Here is a list of easy and creative ways to make a sandwich better, because no one should have a boring lunch. 

Fall is approaching, and the change of season brings many of us back to our regular schedules, which might mean packing sandwiches for work or school lunches. I work from home but often find myself searching through my fridge to find ingredients that will help to make a sandwich a little bit better.

I eat a lot of sandwiches. I like having a quick lunch, and usually, that means that I make a sandwich. Just because I am having a quick lunch, that doesn’t mean that my lunch needs to be boring.

Ways to Make a Sandwich Better

Things to add to your sandwich:

Add coleslaw, sundried tomatoes, prosciutto, caramelized onions, raw spinach, avocado, bacon, sprouts, pickled onions, or peppers.

Add a runny egg:

It adds more protein to your meal and a warm runny egg yolk becomes a great sauce. 

The Best Breakfast Sandwich | This meal is a way to get your day off to a great start. This breakfast sandwich is made with a fried egg, bacon, and avocado on a homemade cheddar cheese and green onion biscuit. The finishing touch is a drizzle of ranch dressing.

Add something crunchy:

Slices of cucumber, shredded carrot, pickles, and potato chips are all fine options.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Get creative with your spreads:

Try using pesto, guacamole, hummus, red pepper dip, gravy, giardiniera, tomato sauce, ranch dressing cream cheese, or mustard instead of mayonnaise.

Don’t use basic sliced bread use:

Construct your sandwich on an everything bagel, tortilla, pita bread, or garlic naan.

Heat it up:

Because melted cheese is the best cheese.

Raid your fridge for leftovers:

Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, meatballs, dips, and cooked vegetables are perfect things to add to a sandwich.

Make tea sandwiches:

Smaller sandwiches are just cuter. It’s science.

Turn a complete meal into a sandwich:

Like this sandwich made with garlic bread and leftover spaghetti.

Go over the top:

I don’t believe that you can put too many toppings on a sandwich!

Rainbow Roasted Vegetable Sandwich | A wholesome meal made with roasted vegetables, edamame, and whipped feta.

My Favorite Sandwich Recipes:

Rainbow Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
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