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Mount Kilimanjaro Packing List

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Here is my complete Mount Kilimanjaro Packing List. This is everything that I needed to make it to the summit.

I climbed Kilimanjaro at the end of June and it was colder than I had expected. At night I was wearing as much clothing as I could. Luckily it was warmer during the day.

When it comes to clothing, it’s all about layers. On the first day of the climb, I wore leggings, a tank, and a long sleeve shirt. By the time I was climbing the summit four days later I was wearing leggings, sweatpants, ski pants, a tee-shirt, two long sleeve shirts, a sweatshirt, a jacket, and a rain jacket/windbreaker. Yes, I wore three layers on bottom and six layers on top and that is normal and necessary.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 13

I recommend packing a base layer for each day, but then re-wearing your additional layers. Your other layers won’t really get very dirty, especially since I was almost always wearing a jacket on top, and I thought it was best to bring as little clothing to the mountain as possible.

During the climb, I would carry my day bag. This had rain gear, an extra sweatshirt, my camera, snacks, water, and other essentials. The porters carried my duffle bag with the rest of my stuff.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 11

Mount Kilimanjaro Packing List:

My Gear


This is absolutely necessary for the summit day since you start hiking when it is still dark out. A headlamp is also needed to find your way around camp in the dark.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Bring waterproof hiking boots that you have broken in. You want them to be waterproof so that you feet stay dry as you walk through puddles and in case it rains.


It can be nice to give your feet a break from the hiking boots. I wore sneaks around camp and for some of the easier parts of the hike.

Water Bottles

You need two 1-liter refillable water bottles. 


I brought my smaller camera since I wanted my bag to be as lightweight as possible. You can’t pack a heavy camera and get a porter to carry it because the porters do not hike with you.


To take photos and listen to music.

Mobile Charger

There is no power on the mountain, so I needed to use this to keep my phone charged.


It’s bright and the sun is strong when you are above the clouds.

Hand and Foot Warmers (I didn’t have these but I wish I did)

I would have put these in my sleeping bag to help me warm up at night.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 6

Gear That I Rented

Sleeping Bag

Find the warmest one you can.

Hiking Poles

These are very helpful when you are exhausted and going down the mountain.

A Waterproof Day Bag

This is the bag that I carried while we were hiking.

A Waterproof Duffle

This is the bag that the porters carried for me.



I wore leggings every day, and I slept in them. Pajamas aren’t really necessary because you need to wear several layers to sleep.


When it was cold, I wore sweatpants over the leggings.

Tank Tops and Tees that Wick Sweat

You want a base layer that will not get sweaty because if you get sweaty you might get cold.

Long Sleeve Shirts

To wear over your base layer.


It’s cold and you will need at least two of these to wear during the climb.

A Light Jacket

I wore a light quilted jacket and it was just the right weight.

A Rain Jacket/Windbreaker

It’s cold, windy, and often rainy on the mountain. You really want to bring a jacket that will keep you dry and warm. I wore my Barbour rain jacket as my top layer when I made it to the summit.

Neck Gaiters

I love these, I used them to cover my nose and mouth when it was dusty, and to wear over my ears when it was cold.


You want high socks to completely cover your legs to avoid safari ant bites.

Baseball Hat

A necessity both because is it windy and because you won’t be able to wash your hair for several days.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 3

Clothing That I Rented

Rain Pants

I was lucky and it didn’t rain, but you want these just in case.

Ski Pants

You will wear ski pants when you climb to the summit, and you might want to sleep in them. Yes, it’s that cold.

Ski Jacket

Again, for the summit and maybe for sleeping.

Winter Gloves

For the day of the summit, it is very cold and gloves are necessary.



I brought two packages of wipes which I used to wash my hands before meals. 

Face Wipes

These are the easiest option for washing your face.

Small Towel

Your shower will be a small bucket of hot water, and you will want a small towel or two so that you can wash and try yourself.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Don’t forget to pack them!


It’s dry, cold, and windy, you will want to prevent your skin from getting overly dry and windburnt.

Lip Balm

Protect your lips too!


You want to pack any medications that you need and you also want to bring medications that you might need.


Take this to combat altitude sickness headaches, which can still happen even if you take Diamox.

Diamox (this is a prescription altitude sickness medication)

You will need to get this before you leave. I got a prescription from a travel clinic.

Airborne and/or Pedialyte

I thought that an extra boost of vitamins and hydration was helpful.


The altitude can mess with your cycle, so make sure you pack tampons just in case.

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