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Tuesday Tip: Celebrate Anniversaries

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I stole this idea from my friends Andrea and Mike. When they started dating they celebrated every month anniversary. (And I think they still do). They don’t go crazy and buy each other gifts every month, but they do go on a date, or cook dinner together. I thought that this was the cutest thing, so Charles and I decided to celebrate every 7th after we got married.

Charles and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary last night. We went to dinner at Farmhouse, our favorite neighborhood restaurant. In past months we haven’t done anything fancy, but we spent the evening hanging out together, either by cooking a nicer than normal dinner at home, going to a restaurant, or when the 7th is on a Sunday – going to SND together.

Does anyone else celebrate every month anniversary with their significant other? Or do you have any other fun relationship traditions? Share in the comments!

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