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The Amanjiwo in Indonesia

The Amanjiwo in Indonesia


There are luxury hotels, and then there is the Amanjiwo. It is deserving of its own category, which must be why the hotel has been included on lists of the best hotels in the world. The structure of the hotel has a rotunda which looks like a temple. Strategically placed openings in the structure work to frame Borobudur, the massive Buddhist temple in the distance.


My sister and I checked into a suite which had its own private pool. All of the 34 guest rooms are in small stand-alone structures below the rotunda. Amanjiwo feels like a magical oasis in the jungle, it’s surrounded by trees, and Borobudur is visible in the distance in the valley. Chanting from nearby mosques and temples periodically echoes through the area.



The hotel amenities were everything we needed and more. While we had our own pool, and the hotel pool was incredible. The concierge staff was remarkably helpful. They helped us book flights and hire drivers for the rest of our stay in Indonesia. They also arranged tours of Borobudur and Prambanan temples, a hike, and a horse cart ride.



We loved Amanjiwo because it was the ideal place to relax, while also serving as a perfect jumping off point for a bit of adventure. Kelly and I enjoyed several different activities during our stay. On our second day we went to Borobudur to watch the sunrise.


Later that day we took off on a challenging hike up the small mountain beside our hotel.


We were hot and sweaty when we got to the top, and we were so pleasantly surprised when the guide pulled out cool towels and cold water out of his bag for us. Seriously, the staff at the Amanjiwo thinks of everything.

We also went on a horsecart ride that took us through rice fields and through the small village. It gave us a little glimpse into the locals’ daily lives as we passed schoolhouses filled with children singing and people working in the fields.


The food at the hotel was wonderful. The menu featured Indonesian classics along with Western options, and the prices were very affordable. When we woke up at 4am to go to Borobudur for sunrise they even set out a small breakfast with warm pastries for us. Although I should mention that alcohol is quite expensive throughout Indonesia, but the affordable meal prices helped to balance this out.


Aman has resorts all over the world… and I just might make it my goal to visit all of them. One of the things that we loved is that each room comes stocked with watercolors, in case you feel like painting. I did a little painting of the lotus flowers at the hotel and then added it to the hotel’s guest book before we departed.