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La Cocinita, Chicago’s New Food Truck

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Dear Chicago,

There is a new food truck in town, and it’s GOOD. When I moved to Chicago 6 years ago, food trucks weren’t a thing. Preparing food on trucks wasn’t allowed, so food trucks couldn’t operate. There were just a couple trucks that delivered prepared items, like cupcakes. A couple years ago the rules changed to permit cooking on the trucks (thanks Rahm!). Since that time, dozens of food trucks have launched in Chicago. There are pizza trucks, doughnut vans, Fat Shallot‘s amazingness, sandwich trucks, patty wagons, taco trucks, bakeries, korean bbq, pierogi wagons, egg sandwich trucks – it is a wonderful and unique mix of culinary delights.

Working near a food truck parking spot makes it easy for me to try new trucks. I first learned of La Cocinita through Twitter. The new truck specializes in Venezuelan cuisine. Based on my experience at La Cocinita (as I have not been to Venezuela) I would describe the food as being somewhat similar to Mexican or Costa Rican food. The ingredients are much the same, black beans, rice, avocado, plantains, peppers, and salsa all appear on the menu.


I ordered the special, Patacones: pulled chicken, cotija cheese, red cabbage slaw, tomatillo sauce, avocado, and lime sandwiched between fried plantains. The pulled chicken was fall apart tender, and had just the right amount of tomatillo sauce and lime. The cabbage slaw added a nice crunchy texture, and the cheese complimented the tomatillo sauce. I loved the concept of a fried plantain sandwich. At first glance I though that after one bite the entire Patacone would fall apart, and was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the fried plantains were – they held the sandwich together quite nicely.

La Concinita has a creative and unique menu – and I am seriously wondering why there aren’t more Venezuelan restaurants in Chicago. If the country’s cuisine is this great, the country is under represented in Chicago. As someone who has tried many food trucks, I can confidently say that La Cocinita is one of the best.

Find find out where La Concinita will be, follow them on twitter, and to see the menu check the website.

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