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Gilded Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island

Gilded Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island

The Gilded Hotel is a charming New England Inn and the perfect place to stay when you are in Newport, Rhode Island. The hotel combines a historic building with modern furnishings and amenities. We had a lovely stay at Gilded, a Lark Hotels property when we visited Newport to celebrate my sister’s engagement.

Gilded Hotel Newport | Where to stay in Newport

My parents purchased a historic inn in Maine a few years ago, and it has given me a deep appreciation for classic New England Inns. I love the history of the buildings and the sense of hospitality. Being at Gilded reminded me of being home in Maine, except that I wasn’t given a list of chores to do!

The Property

Where to stay in Newport | Gilded Hotel

The Gilded balances historic architecture and trendy décor. The main sitting room is decorated with bold purple and green velvet furniture with bright pink patterned wallpaper. A white lacquer and black velvet pool table can be found down the hall. In the summer months, guests can enjoy the wicker furniture on the porch outside, play croquet on the lawn, or gather around the fire pit on the patio.

Gilded Hotel Newport

The Rooms

Gilded Hotel Newport

Gilded has 17 rooms, and we stayed in a small suite on the third floor. It had a small sitting area separate from the bedroom. The bed was remarkably comfortable and the sheets and pillows were so soft that it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.

Gilded Hotel Newport

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to hotel rooms is that almost all of them only have one luggage rack, which isn’t enough for two people with two suitcases. The rooms at The Gilded have two luggage racks, which instantly impressed me.

Gilded Hotel Newport

The iPad loaded with information on things to do in Newport was another impressive detail. The iPads had saved links to information on the local museums, tours, and historic sites, and even rainy day activities.

The Breakfast

Gilded Newport

One of the things that make The Gilded special, is the small plates breakfast buffet. Breakfast is ready and waiting for you when you wake up, and the food was wonderful.

Gilded Newport

The small plates included a variety of options including things like avocado toast, soft boiled eggs with asparagus, freshly made scones, and overnight oats.

Gilded Newport breakfast

Another special touch was the plate of cookies on the counter at night. I had one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever – it managed to be simultaneously chewy and crispy – when we checked in on Friday night.

The Location

What to do in Newport

We loved the prime location of Gilded. All of Newport’s main activities are within walking distance. We decided against renting a car and instead took an Uber from the train station in Providence. Once in Newport, we were able to walk everywhere we needed to go.

Lark Hotels

Gilded Newport

Lark Hotels owns a collection of boutique hotels in seaside New England villages including Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cade Cod, Portsmouth, Portland, and Camden. Lark Hotels also owns The Attwater in Newport. I am hoping to check out more Lark Hotels properties this summer!

The Gilded provided us with a media rate for our stay. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.