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Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

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My friend Jenn asked me if I was interested in running Chicago’s Hot Chocolate 15k. There was no way I was going to wake up super early on a Saturday and run on a cold November morning. I promised that instead of running with her, I would make her hot chocolate. I made good on my promise and brought Baileys White Hot Chocolate to Sunday Night Dinner. My friends are insisting that I bring this to Friendsgiving which means they must have liked it.

The mug in the photo was a birthday gift from my friend Bogey. Thanks Boges!

Update:  I recently made this using Whole Milk instead of Cream, and 2% Milk.  It was still delicious!

You will need:
4 shots Baileys
1 cup Heavy Cream
1 cup Chocolate Chips (Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate)
4 cups Milk (whole or 2%)
Optional: Whipped Cream
Serves 4

Step 1:
Melt cream and chips together over medium heat, stirring constantly making sure the cream does not come to a boil (in which case it might curdle).

Step 2:
Once the chips are melted add the milk. Stir together and heat until steaming.

Step 3:
Pour shots of Bailey’s in the mugs. By adding the Bailey’s last you will not heat it up so much that the alcohol cooks out. Pour the hot chocolate over the Bailey’s. Top with whipped cream (optional).

If you use milk chocolate you could use the mint flavored Bailey’s.

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