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Vanilla Peach Cupcakes

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I get inspiration from everyone around me. The other day I felt like baking cupcakes (instead of packing for our move on Saturday), but didn’t want to make basic chocolate or vanilla. So I asked my building’s friendly security guard, and regular taste-tester, Jesus. He said that he had never tried a peach cupcake before. Challenge accepted!

These vanilla peach cupcakes are so fun. The frosting is a light whipped peach frosting – perfect for summer. If you want to cheat a little – you can always make the cake from a mix, and then just add the peaches and the peach frosting. Jesus said that these cupcakes were a hit… and I have had quite a few myself.

I was one of 40 bloggers selected to participate in ABC Family’s Young & Hungry blogger challenge, and I created this recipe as part of the challenge.


Total Time:  45 minutes
Serves:  12 cupcakes

You will need:
1 1/2 cups Flour
1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon Salt
2 large Eggs
2/3 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Unsalted Butter, melted
2 teaspoons Vanilla
1/2 cup Milk
1 can of Peaches

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Line the cupcake pan with cupcake liners.  Stir the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a medium bowl.

Step 2:
In a large bowl with an electric mixer, combine the eggs and sugar.  Mix for about 2 minutes until the eggs are light and foamy.  As you are mixing, slowly add the butter and then the vanilla.  Be careful to heat the butter until it is just melted, you do not want to overheat the butter, or else you might accidentally scramble your eggs.

Step 3:
Slowly add half of the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, while mixing with the electric mixer.  Then add the milk and the rest of the dry ingredients.  Mix until just combined.

Step 4:
Fill the cupcake tins until they are about 1/3 full.  Then add a slice of peach on top of the batter.  Then add more batter on top until the cupcake tins are 2/3 full.

Step 5:
Bake for 30 minutes or until fully cooked.  This can be tested by inserting a toothpick in the center of a cupcake, when they are fully cooked the toothpick will come out clean.

Step 6:
As the cupcakes cool, mix the frosting together – see below.


For the Frosting:
1 cup Whipping Cream
1 can of Peaches
2/3 cup of Powdered Sugar

Step 1:
Place the peaches in a blender and puree.

Step 2:
Use a mixer to whip the cream. This will take about 3-5 minutes. Once soft peaks have formed, add 2/3 cup of the peach puree and the powdered sugar. Mix to combine. Mix for another minute if the frosting needs to thicken up.

Mycupcake World

Monday 19th of June 2017

The Vanilla peach cakes are really very yummy and easy to prepare.


Monday 19th of June 2017

So glad you like the recipe!

daane labs

Monday 19th of June 2017

The Vanilla Peach cakes are really yummy and very easy to prepare.

Hollie @ Fancykins

Thursday 19th of June 2014

You are a total peach for posting this, I'm going to try this recipe for my friend's birthday next Monday! YUM. So summery!

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