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The Kittchen Turns 10

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I’ve been doing this for 10 years! This website turned from a hobby into a career and then into something that I can pursue while focusing on motherhood.

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I can’t thank my readers enough for supporting me and letting me have my dream job. If you are new here, this website was a birthday gift, which means that The Kittchen and I share a birthday. Today The Kittchen turns 10 and I turn another year older.

After 10 years, I truly realize what an amazing gift The Kittchen was. It’s was the gift of a project that I am passionate about. It became a way to help support my family while I spend my time with my daughter. It’s the stability and flexibility that my family needed so desperately as we navigate parenthood during a pandemic.

Today as I walked to Gwen’s music class, I thought about how I am so content with everything. It took a lot of hard work, and Charles and I faced plenty of curveballs of the past few years, but today, I am typing this from my new home, in a neighborhood we love, with neighbors that make us feel like we are part of community, while the sweetest little girl naps in the next room. I wouldn’t change a thing.

For years I kept thinking about what was next. How to grow my website, increase my following, and how to beat the algorithms. These days, I am focused on enjoying the now. This pocket of time when Gwen is home with me.

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When I started writing The Kittchen, I hoped that maybe I would earn enough to pay off a small amount of credit card debt and my student loan. In 2011, I would have never dreamt that this site would become a full time job that would take me all over the world. It’s been an amazing journey and I am excited to the future.

My plan for the next year is to continue to share recipes that help to turn meals into memories. To give glimpses into my home and motherhood experience. And, with a little luck, my family can hit the road and I can share some travel adventures.

None of this would be possible without the love, support, and friendship of my readers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

congrats! I am looking forward to more of your posts

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