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The 3 Arts Club Café

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Restoration Hardware

The 3 Arts Club Café is a simply stunning new restaurant in the beyond gorgeous new Restoration Hardware. Yes. A restaurant in a furniture store. Kinda random, but you will fall in love with the space the second you walk inside. Oh, and this isn’t just any restaurant. It’s helmed by Brendan Sodikoff of Au Cheval, Bavette’s, Doughnut Vault, Gilt Bar, Green Street Smoke Meats, High Five Ramen, and many of Chicago’s most beloved eateries -so you know it is going to be amazing.

3 Arts Club Cafe

The 3 Arts Club Café opened while I was in Europe, so I missed the opening party, but I saw photos online, and made a point to go as soon as I got home. The first time I dined at 3 Arts I was joined by Cailtin of Public Lives, Secret Recipes. I was in awe of the courtyard with a fountain, glass roof, and massive chandelier. The marble tables, cozy couches and chairs, and decorative trees were a nice touch too. If this place doesn’t win a James Beard Award for restaurant design, something is wrong.

Truffle Grilled Cheese

Caitlin and I started off with bellinis, and then moved on to lunch. I had to try the Truffle Grilled Cheese, and Caitlin had the burger. The grilled cheese had fresh sourdough bread, perfectly oozy melted cheese, and was topped with truffle crumbs. It was rich with flavor and satisfyingly crispy. It came with fries, which are just as amazing at the fries at Au Cheval.


Caitlin wisely chose the burger. Everyone knows how legendary Au Cheval’s burger is, which means it is nearly impossible to get into Au Cheval. You can order a nearly identical burger at 3 Arts without the insane wait times (for now).


Our meal ended with warm, lightly salted, chocolate chip cookies that were wonderful crunchy around the edges.

When my parents came to visit, I knew that my mother would love 3 Arts, so we went for brunch. I told my parents that the restaurant was gorgeous, but I don’t think they could comprehend how gorgeous a restaurant could be until they saw it in person. My Mom said she felt like she was on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (remember that show?).


We settled in, Mom and I ordered belinis and the men got their coffee. I definitely prefer bellinis over mimosas, and was excited to see them on the menu the first time I visited, and had to order another one on my second visit since it was so delicious.


I drink a lot of tea, so I ordered that too and it came served in a beautiful vintage teapot – one of many that someone painstakingly sourced for the space.

Scramble at 3 Arts Club Cafe

My Dad, Charles, and I had the RH scramble. It was a simple, yet perfectly prepared meal. The eggs were served with thick Texas Toast and half of an avocado, giving me the option of mashing the avocado, spreading it on the bread, and layering the egg on top. The eggs were perfectly scrambled (perhaps the best I have ever tasted), and flavored with Crème Frâiche and topped with fresh chives. I would eat this everyday if I lived a tiny bit closer to 3 Arts.

My mother had the burger and said that it was one of the best she had ever tasted. She really couldn’t stop talking about the fries. They are exceptional. You think that fries are the same everywhere, but these are outstanding. They are crispier and more flavorful.

3 Arts Club

After brunch we spent an hour admiring everything at RH. I even bought some Christmas tree ornaments. My mother was surprised by the prices at the store. While some things are on the pricier end, lots of the products are reasonably priced – especially the new faux fur winter accessories.

The 3 Arts Club Café’s address is 1300 North Dearborn, in the Gold Coast neighborhood. They do not accept reservations, but you can wander around the 5 story store sipping on wine or coffee (or anything else) while you wait.

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