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Products That Got Us Through Our First Weeks As Parents

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I thought that I would share the MVP products that made our lives easier during our first weeks as parents.

Being pregnant during a pandemic came with a good amount of anxiety. I tried to channel that energy into preparing for the arrival of our baby. I dove into articles online and asked friends what I would need to prepare for the baby and my recovery after birth. I filled the shelves in our laundry room with diapers, wipes, medications, postpartum supplies, and other essentials. Some of the items I purchased have not gotten much use (like the Boppy pillow), while there are others that I can’t imagine living without.

I divided the list into three sections: postpartum essentials, newborn essentials, and breastfeeding essentials. I’ve included everything from the eye gel that helps me to feel human to the mattress pad that keeps my mattress dry when I get night sweats.

Postpartum Essentials:

Fridamom Delivery and Postpartum Kit

Umm… people had kids before this was invented? This kit is so worth the $99. It includes items you need for the hospital like grippy socks and an uber soft hospital gown (I wear it as pajamas now) plus an entire set of recovery supplies like padsicles, a peri bottle (that’s way better than the one the hospital has), witch hazel pad liners, and a soothing foam. It’s everything you need.

Lumene Nordic Hydra Hydrating Eye Gel

This eye gel has been a go-to addition to my makeup routine for times when I am extra tired. In the past, I used it when I was jet-lagged. Now I use it to hide the fact that a newborn kept me up at night.

Over-the-Counter Meds

Ask your doctor about this one. My doctor told me to take Motrin, Tylenol, and Colace after birth. I ordered these medications in advance online so they were already waiting for me at home.

Dry Shampoo

It can be hard to find the time to wash your hair when you have a newborn and dry shampoo is the perfect way to go a day or two between washes. I have tried several brands over the years and Living Proof is the best – my hair looks just out of the shower fresh after using it.

Adult Diapers

I think that these are easier and more comfortable than the mesh undie/pad combo. I used the adult diapers along with padsicles and the other supplies from Fridamom.

A Mattress Protector

I put this on my side of the bed at the end of my pregnancy to protect our mattress in case my water broke at night. Now it’s protecting the mattress from any postpartum bleeding and night sweats.

A Water Bottle

Breastfeeding makes you so thirsty! I keep a water bottle at my side at all times now. I love this water bottle made by ello – a Chicago-based company.

Newborn Essentials:

Fridababy Nail Clippers and File

It sounds crazy – but Gwen came out with nails so long that she needed to have her nails trimmed right after being born! My sister had told me to bring nail clippers and a file to the hospital and I was glad that we did. Fridababy’s nail clippers are designed to prevent you from accidentally cutting the baby’s skin.

Bibs Pacifiers

I discovered this brand via Bumble Baby who recommended them because they stay inside a newborn’s mouth. Sure, sometimes she spits it out, but it doesn’t slide out of her mouth like other brands.

Everly Grey Pajamas

We LOVE these pajamas – we already ordered more. They are super soft and the gown style makes it easy to change a diaper in the middle of the night. The hats stay on far better than any of the other hats that we have. I bought a couple matching pajama sets for me and Gwen – I love my pjs too.

A Camera

I love my Canon G7x Mark ii point and shoot. It’s compact and easy to use. When you have a newborn, you want photos and lots of them. My camera has been by my side a lot these days.

Breastfeeding Essentials:


This breast pump suctions onto your breast and extracts milk. It’s great because it isn’t hard on the nipples and it’s easy to use. I have a hospital-grade pump too – but the haakaa is great for situations when I don’t want to pump for long. For example, I like to use the haakaa for a few minutes after I shower since the warm water usually gets the milk flowing, but it might not be time for a pumping session.


I love this clever little invention. These discrete cups slide inside your bra and collect any milk that is leaking. During the day I use these cups instead of bra pads and they collect a couple of ounces of milk that would be lost otherwise! When I am nursing Gwen I use a cup on the other breast to collect leaking milk – I had been using the Haakaa for that but she can kick that off. Use code “thekittchen” to get 10% orders of $20 or more when shopping from the Lacticups website.

A Nursing/Pumping Bra

I like these Bravado bras because they are comfortable enough to sleep in – which becomes necessary when you are leaking milk.

Bra Pads

When my milk came in I woke up in the middle of the night with soaked pajamas. The solution has been to sleep in a bra with pads.

Are you a parent? What are your favorite products for newborns? Share in the comments!

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