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My Complete Hospital Packing List

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Per request, I am sharing my complete hospital packing list. This is everything that I packed and brought to the hospital when Gwen was born.

I hadn’t been planning to write a post about packing for the hospital but when I asked my Instagram community for their recommendations they came through with great advice and I want to share it! I also found the list on Bumble Baby to be very helpful. One thing that many people said is that hospitals are cold and dry, so warm clothing and moisturizer are musts – and I agree.

Some of these suggestions may be specific to delivering at Prentice Hospital in Chicago.

Complete Hospital Packing List:


Shampoo and Conditioner
Lip Balm
Makeup (if you want to take photos at the hospital)
Headband and Hair Ties
Towels (for after you shower – hospital towels are not exactly soft)
Glasses, Contacts, Contact Solution (if you wear them)
Makeup Removing Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Adult Diapers (some people strongly prefer these to mesh undies and pads)
Toilet Paper (people thought hospital tp was less than ideal)
Any Medications You Need
Flip Flops (to wear in the shower)

I highly recommend the Frida Mom Delivery and Postpartum Kit – it has things you need for the hospital plus items that will help you with your recovery once you get home. (not sponsored)


2 Pillows (one for you and one for your partner)
2 Blankets (ones you can easily wash)
2 Eye Masks

Snacks and Entertainment

iPad (download movies and tv shows in advance)
Phone (download a white noise app)
Phone Charger with a long cord – or an extension cord
Portable Charger
Snacks – this was key since the hospital cafeteria and nearby restaurants were all closed after I delivered at 10:11 pm – and I was very hungry

Other Essentials

Photo ID
Insurance Card
Health Savings Account Card
Cord Blood Kit
Copies of your Birth Plan

Covid-19 Essentials

Hand Sanitizer


Grippy Socks
Compression Socks
Belly Band
Outfit for Photos
Nursing/Pumping Bra
Comfy Pants
Bath Robe


Camera Charger
SD Card

Breastfeeding Essentials

Bra Pads
Nipple Cream
Breastfeeding Pillow
A Nursing Bra/Pumping Bra

For Baby

Wipes (some hospitals have wipes that you have to wet and they aren’t as good as normal baby wipes)
Swaddle (fun for photos but the hospital will have swaddles too)
Going Home Outfit / An Outfit for Photos

And when you go home…

As someone told me, you are paying for the supplies in your hospital room – so take them with you when you go! Don’t feel awkward about it – take those padsicles and other supplies home.

Did I miss anything? Share your hospital packing list essentials in the comments!

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