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Monforte d’Alba

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I saved three photo filled posts from Europe to share in the dead of winter to feed your wanderlust. Today we are exploring Monforte d’Alba, a tiny Italian village nestled in the hills of Piedmont. When we checked into our hotel in the nearby Pollenza, the staff recommended that we go to Monforte d’Alba, and when my friend Ryan recommended a restaurant there we had the perfect reason to pay a visit.


We arrived in Monforte d’Alba an hour before the restaurant opened for dinner, so we had an opportunity to explore the village before the sunset.


This church was towards the bottom of the hill.


And this church was on the highest part of the very steep hill.


Pink house, blue shutters – can I move in?


Piedmont is basically a series of small towns built on hills. You can see the next town over in the distance here.


If one thing about Monforte d’Alba stood out, it was the amazing doors on the homes! Check them out…

IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8955 IMG_8954 IMG_8953    IMG_8949


By the time we were done exploring, it was time to head over to Saracca for dinner. Sarracca is a housed in a series of buildings that date back to medieval times. The skeleton of the restaurant, the walls, appear to be unchanged. Modern updates, in the form of staircases and glass floors creating upper levels, have been made.


We started off with drinks in the wine bar. The fun thing about the wine bar is that they have a happy hour with serious snacks. The space quickly filled up with locals. It seemed like Saracca is a community meeting place.

When my friend Ryan saw my instagram post indicating that I was at Saracca, he told me to go to the bathroom on the first floor. That is perhaps one of the weirdest messages I have received. I didn’t bring my camera to the bathroom because that seemed strange, but I wish I had. The bathroom had a solid door, but glass walls that revealed the building’s original architecture. It’s really hard to explain, but it was the coolest bathroom I have ever seen.


Eventually we were brought to a table upstairs. The lighting was really challenging upstairs, but I thought that this photo shows how the restaurant combines new and old architecture. The space is tall and narrow, and a metal staircase is in the middle, and small platforms on either side of the stairs have one or two tables each. The design is really beautiful and unique, Saracca’s website shows it off well.


We shared a salad – I kept joking that we were going to end up with scurvy since vegetables were hard to come by at the restaurants in Munich. Then Charles had a pasta with a meat sauce and I had a mushroom risotto. The food was solid, but the space and romantic atmosphere stole the show.

If you are visiting Piedmont, you should take the time to walk around Monforte d’Alba and then swing into Saracca for happy hour. You can stay at Saracca too.

Swanky Recipes

Sunday 21st of February 2016

Wow, these photos are stunning! I have always loved the colored houses as I think it just has so much character. We have a lot of unique house here in New Orleans. I'd love to make it to Europe someday soon but with a bunch of destination weddings coming up, I'll have to hold off on it for a bit!

Ahead of Thyme

Saturday 20th of February 2016

What a beautiful little town! It's nice to see it captured in such beautiful photos.


Saturday 20th of February 2016

Great post Kit! Beautiful photos - really makes me want to go back to Italy!!

Charla Harris

Saturday 20th of February 2016

I'm a traveller myself so it's always nice to see scenery shots especially of places I haven't been to and Italy is one. It looks quite quaint and I adore those narrow intimate roads. I bet the food was nice too?


Saturday 20th of February 2016

You're definitely feeding my wanderlust. What beautiful photos! And I love all the different doors in the town.

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