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Gwen’s Mini Playroom

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Gwen has a mini playroom, a little nook across from the kitchen, where we store many of her toys. I am excited to share the space with you!

The Mini Playroom:

When we looked at the blueprints for our townhouse, this little 12′ x 9′ space was labled as being a Den. We immediately knew that it would be the perfect play area. One of the things that we wanted in a new home was a dedicated play area for Gwen that is near the main living area. This playroom nook is perfectly situated so that it is out of sight when you are at the dining room table and when you are watching television – when we have guests over they don’t even notice it. But when I am in the kitchen cooking, I can see the space perfectly.

Charles was skeptical that I could create a mini playroom that wouldn’t be an eyesore. He’s admitted that he is impressed with how the space turned out. I had a vision and I became determined to create a beautiful mini playroom that would be equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing.

First, I ordered a play mat from House of Noa. These mats are great because it doesn’t take much effort to cut the mats so they fit perfectly in a space. The bits of leftover mat go until Gwen’s chair while she eats which makes clean up so simple. I chose a grey patterned mat and it helps to make the playroom its own area.

Next, I wanted to decorate the walls. Charles immediately rejected the idea of more wallpaper so instead I found three different sets of wall decals that I mixed and matched to create a mural along the back wall. The vinyl decals were incredibly easy to install – the total time was under 30 minutes. I started with a set of decals of homes with a watercolor look. Then I added in some decals of cars and trees. Above I added in starts, clouds, the moon, and a bunny in a hot air balloon. It’s very whimsical and girly.

The painting in the nook is a painting by Bekah Ash that we found at the Kansas City Art Fair several years ago. We thought it resembled me so we bought it. It just seems to fit in this spot.

The centerpiece of the mini playroom is Gwen’s DocATot Tent of Dream with William Morris patterned fabric. It’s stunning, and she really does play in it! She hides there when we play our own little hybrid version of peekaboo/hide and go seek.

We also have a large cushion from the DocATot collection in the corner. This is where I sit when I am playing with Gwen. It’s so much better than sitting on the floor.

I found the perfect large basket with a lid at Target for toy storage for just $70. I love how the lid is light enough for Gwen to be able to lift it easily. She can get the toys she wants without needing my help. When it is time to clean up, I just need to hide toys in the basket.

Gwen and I spend so much time hanging out in her little playroom. There are plenty of toys of her to play with and she can keep herself occupied while staying out of trouble when she plays in the nook while I am making our meals. Having a safe space (with a gate) where Gwen can play makes my life easier.

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