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An Italian Themed Date Night Pizza Party

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This post has been sponsored by Mutti®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This summer, we are looking for ways to create memories while staying at home. We aren’t quite ready to venture out with our newborn daughter, Gwen, so we are shopping at our local Jewel Osco and cooking more at home. Recently, instead of just making dinner, we had an Italian-themed date night inspired by Mutti®’s Sauces for Pizza! 

You can find your local Jewel Osco using the location finder below:

We started off by making an Italian cocktail – a Lemon Spritz – the Amalfi Coast’s answer to Northern Italy’s Aperol Spritz. Then, we put on some music and use Mutti®’s Sauces for Pizza to make a trio of pizzas inspired by different Italian cities!

Mutti has been a staple in my kitchen for years. The Italian brand has been producing tomato products using the freshest, highest quality ingredients since 1899. Each of the three sauces for pizza has its own bold flavor making them the perfect addition to pizza night. Mutti’s Sauces for Pizza can be found at Jewel-Osco – my go-to local grocery store since they seem to always have what I need in stock.

Mutti sent me their Sauces for Pizza, which come in three varieties: Mutti® Parma Sauce for Pizza with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Mutti® Napoli Sauce for Pizza with Fresh Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Mutti® Positano Sauce for Pizza with Garlic & Oregano. I love that these sauces are all-natural, non-GMO, and made in Italy. I care deeply about the food that I feed my family and I am always looking for natural and non-GMO products. And when it comes to Italian cuisine, I am a firm believer in buying Italian products that are produced in Italy with high-quality ingredients.

Inspired by these sauces and products native to these cities, I made three pizzas.

I used Mutti Parma Sauce for Pizza to create a base for some of that region’s most celebrated ingredients, like prosciutto, and topped it with fresh arugula and parmigiano, which complemented the bursts of real DOP parmigiano reggiano in the Parma Sauce. Cheese is one of my favorite foods, so of course, this is the sauce I had to taste first. The richness and slight saltiness of the parmigiano reggiano make this sauce far more flavorful than your standard pizza sauce and it paired wonderfully with the peppery notes of the arugula.

For the Napoli Sauce Pizza, I made a classic margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. This is one of my favorite pizzas – I can’t resist this simple balance of ingredients and they are the perfect complement to Mutti’s fresh-tasting Napoli Sauce. The basil gives this sauce a fresh from the garden taste and it’s the ideal sauce to use for a margarita pizza.

I added artichokes and provolone to my Positano Sauce Pizza. Both artichokes and provolone are products native to Positano, and I loved how they paired with the sauce seasoned with garlic and oregano. This sauce has a depth of flavor from the garlic and an herbaceousness from the oregano – it tastes similar to the tomato soup that I make from scratch! It went so well with the sharpness of the Provolone.

After dinner, we ended the night by curling up on the couch and watching one of my favorite movies set in Italy. We love ending our day by unwinding, watching something together, and snuggling with Gwen who seems to want to be held at night.

Here is how you can host your own Italian- themed date night!

Step 1: Start with a cocktail!

Both an Aperol Spritz and a Lemon Spritz are easy to make with just a few ingredients. Or if you want something super refreshing, try a Negroni Slushy.

Step 2: Add Some Music!

Next, turn on some music. If you want to stick with the Italian theme, this playlist is perfect!

Step 3: Pizza!

Making pizza is a fun activity that anyone can get involved with! No cooking skills required. I was able to find all of the ingredients I needed at Jewel Osco. They have a great selection of Italian cheeses, and I was able to get mozzarella, parmesan, and provolone. Pizza dough and prosciutto were easy to find near the cheeses. I made a stop in the produce section for arugula and basil—and I grabbed lemons to garnish the cocktail. Lastly, I headed to the Italian products section where you can find Mutti’s Sauces for Pizza and artichokes. 

The Jewel Osco mobile app helps me to stay organized. I can use the app to store my shopping list, use digital coupons, get personalized deals, and earn rewards. I especially love the app’s list feature, since it helps me to be sure that I don’t forget anything on my list, and I can keep a running list of items that I need.

Step 4: Movie Time!

Find a movie set in Italy to watch as you dine – there are so many great ones to choose from.

While we might not be able to travel to Italy this summer, this is the next best thing. We had so much fun dancing around the kitchen with Gwen as we sipped cocktails and made pizza.

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